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Minecraft with 96 Chunks heavier than P95?

Feb 6, 2021
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today i thought.. what game should i play through? why not minecraft... i never did more than running around in the creative mode.
i went into the graphics settings and turned the render distance to the absolute maximum.

my CPU OC: (10700K 4.9 Ghz 1.32V LLC4 which results in around 1.26V at 150A)

it is stable enough to loop Aida64 (cache FPU and CPU, combined or seperate), running P95 with smallest FFT and i played tons of different games over the last month. from AVX heavy Battlefield V to Warzone and EFT, Forza etc.
i never had ANY stability issues (not even a single CPU error in HWinfo while running P95.)

but running in circles and non stop looking into different directions with the Minecraft MS Store Version + maxed out view distance of 96 Chunks created two CPU errors within less than 30 seconds and a BSOD after a minute.

the crazy thing:
i had to bump up the VCore by 50mv! to have it stable.
after that i ran P95 (small FFT in place) again for over 30 minutes with no problems.
Minecraft seems to create insanely heavy transients.
Feb 14, 2021
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Indeed. Minecraft Bedrock Edition can peg high core count processors at 100% usage when lots of chunks are being rendered. This basically never happens in other games. Despite being a simple game when it comes to graphics, Minecraft is a good benchmark for CPUs.
Aug 21, 2015
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I was thinking about MC performance recently (IANAGD), and formed this hypothesis: with most modern games, you're rendering with polygons and textures, which can scale to an arbitrary size without much CPU impact. But in Minecraft, since every block is a discrete element, the properties for each block must be calculated and/or loaded. That sound about right?