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Mobility 5650 experiences


Performance Enthusiast
May 7, 2007
5,576 (1.43/day)
System Name MightyX (MITX)
Processor Core i7 4770K @ 4.2ghz
Motherboard Asus Z87i-Pro
Cooling Noctua NH-L12
Memory 16gb DDR3 1600 LP
Video Card(s) Gigabyte GTX1080 G1 OC
Storage Lots of SSD's
Display(s) AOC AGON AG352QCX
Case Raven RVZ-01
Power Supply SFX 450 G
Mouse Razer Mamba Tournament Chroma
Keyboard Razer Blackwidow X Chroma
About three months ago I bought a HP Pavilion DV6-3030TX, specs on the left of my specs slide, and I have been constantly impressed by this little beast. it comes with an i5 (dual core + HT) which is somewhat aggessively clocked for a laptop, and the mid-low range Radeon Mobility 5650 GPU.

This card is about as similar as you can get to a desktop Radeon 5550 or 5570, with the variation lying in clockspeeds and memory type used. So from the get go my hopes and expectations were set quite low. I knew I'd be able to game but I also knew there would be big sacrifices too. this is coming from someone who sold his overclocked i7 rig, with the likes of HD5870, HD5850 (CFX), GTX295, GTX280, GTX260 SLi in the past year.

so moving along a few days ago I bought a HDMI 1080P monitor - LG W2261VP - and have been gaming my ass off on it, some games play very well in 1080p with all the candy, some need to go more towards 720p, and thats exactly what I will be showcasing in this thread.

to kick things off here is a video of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, with every setting maxxed, AA at 4x, and resolution at 1080p. video's to come will include Dirt2, NFS Shift, HL2 to name a few, and I'm willing to hear suggestions of titles to throw at it.


a tad more info;

Drivers, Mobility 10.10, card clocks stock at 550/800, running 700/950.