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Modular Case Design Idea

Discussion in 'Cases, Modding & Electronics' started by Kursah, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Kursah

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    I have kinda been tossing this one around for a little while, I've decided to post it to see if anyone wants to do anything with this idea, cause' I'm not gonna!

    I call it modular case design for the fact that there could be a universal, yet modern chassis design..maybe a small range from small form factors to full-tower size frames. That's what one would start with. Then have the option for a range of different front, top, side and rear sections that make the PC case an actual case. Windows, screens, doors, panels, paint colors, etc. I know some companies do this, but not at the scale of which I am thinking.

    I am thinking more on the "usability" side personally..say you have water cooling, maybe a deeper top panel to allow for a larger RAD and fans? Maybe you want to mount a resivior? Need more room? Maybe a Side panel with a deep pocket and mount support?

    Air cooling? Well do you want a screened style front like the Antec 900/1200, multi-fan or larger fan top exhaust? Do you want a quieter rig? Fewer fans, lined panels...Do you want the front panel connections? If so, which ones? Do you want it in an expansion panel area? Part of a panel? Top, side?

    Things like that to take into consideration, it's probably a horrible idea for the fact of the complication, but that's how my ideas generally go...I just think it'd be cool to see, and maybe it's already out there...it could start small and custom as a "by-the-case" situation...but it could grow to an online outlet where you choose your chassis, then go through panel-by-panel, then choose a paint scheme, and order. The important factor here would be a solid and well-designed chassis that has proper setup for cable management, and the ability to have proper mounting and support for extra equipment. But to see something completely unique out there like this I feel would be pretty cool and could grow quite popular if executed correctly and setup for the right markets.

    What do you guys think? If you like it and want to do something with it, go for it! :toast:
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    Good if not a great idea, but poor practicality. i see how you've come up with the idea: you want a purpose built case that can change dimensions should the need arise;if you want to add in dual-loop liquid cooling, you can just expand. the problem is as a retailer you have to stock 100 of everything: every panel, every top, every mobo-tray, every front side etc.
    basically you're telling us about custom case building as a business, i don't think that's cheap, sure i've seen people ofer their service in forums like this one where they'll mod the case for fees, but that's still a handful of cases (no pun intended).

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