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More GeForce GTS 450 Details Trickle In


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Oct 9, 2007
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NVIDIA's march into the mainstream graphics segment with graphics processors derived from the Fermi architecture is headed by the GF106 GPU. One of the first SKUs based on it us the GeForce GTS 450. PCB drawings of its reference board surfaced last week. According to fresh details sourced by Donanim Haber, NVIDIA pushed back the launch of GTS 450 from 31st August to 13th September. The site also sourced clock speeds of the SKU, which are 789 MHz (core), and 3760 MHz or 940 MHz actual (memory). The GPU on this SKU has a 128-bit wide memory interface, carrying 1 GB of GDDR5 memory. NVIDIA is targeting the $160 price point with the GTS 450.

Source: DonanimHaber 1, 2
Mar 4, 2009
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5770s competitor ..... ??? :confused:
Mar 31, 2010
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5770s competitor ..... ??? :confused:
GTX 460 suppose to be the competitor to 5770 mention by Nvidia's CEO but who knows that the GTX 460 beats 5830 in DX11 games. and now Nvidia has announced GTS 450(the title spell it wrong...) to be the competitor to 5770.a 160$ GTS 460 vs a 170$ 5770?? who knows which one will win?
Jan 14, 2009
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The default clock speed on the 450 is quite nice, should boost performance :D
Sep 29, 2004
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sounds like a good dedicated physx card


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Nov 21, 2009
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This card should be equal to the GTX 260/HD5770.

P.S - The title is wrong.
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Sep 11, 2009
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The default clock speed on the 450 is quite nice, should boost performance :D
Indeed. If it's a 256 SP part and I'm sure that it is, this card is going to instakill the HD5770 at it's current price. HD5770 would have to sell for less than $120 to make any sense.

Numbers don't lie when it comes to Fermi cards, performance depends completely on Gflops and this one will have 90% the shader performance of the GTX460. 128 bit memory is not going to cripple it a lot either, compared to the 192 bit GTX460, same for ROP power.


Small cards are so cutie, think I'm done buying big bulky power hungry board bowing cards.
Dec 14, 2009
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I think i must be a gfx card snob. I consider the price point of the GTX 460 768mb to be mainstream. Anything cheaper i think is budget :laugh:

Thank god i have few vices and a competent bank balance.
Apr 4, 2008
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The date seems a bit unwise. All reports seem to be indicating a refresh from ati this winter. There's a good chance it will get steam rolled pretty soon after release depending on if ati does the low end or high end first. I'd want to crank it out as soon as possible or not at all in that case.
Nov 8, 2008
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"More GeForce GTX 450 Details Trickle In"

"One of the first SKUs based on it us the GeForce GTS 450"

Little bit too fast typing there?
May 19, 2010
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that's nice :)

but i got myself 2 460's and they rock


where the hell are my stars
Jul 23, 2006
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Release it low profile and at the same price point as the 5670 and then I will call it competition right now they are showing up a year late and a doller short it had better beat every price point card its been manifesting a year longer in nvs locker