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More Info in XML dump


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Mar 20, 2012
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I have been tasked to collect GPU usage data from a large number of workstations, and I've found that GPU-Z's "dump" to XML feature is perfect for the data collection. But it appears to include only the data from the "Graphics Card" tab, and nothing from the "Sensors" tab. We need the information both tabs to complete the data collection, or more specifically, the "GPU Load" readings. Percent or amount of memory used would be good also.

Would it be possible to add the data from the "Sensors" tab to the output? If so, how soon could that happen? We would really prefer to use this product if it can give us the all information we need to collect.

EDIT: I noticed "Added logging of sensor data to file" in the version history (0.2.8) but the "-dump" does not gather this information. Is another command line parameter required?
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