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Motherboard/CPU Compatibility.


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Sep 4, 2006
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Im in the market for a third computer and Im wondering how exactly you work out what CPU's are compatible with which Motherboards and vice versa.

I dont want to ask you what motherboards I can get for such and such a CPU, i want to LEARN so that I know in the future :).

Is it the chipset that determines compatibility?
Eg - I was looking on intels website and their processor information didnt seem to show what chipset they are, if thats what I need to know.

Or are there a number of determining factors?
Apr 8, 2006
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yes it is the chipset, but these can be upgraded to allow further support for future technology if the hardware allows.

most electronics web site have motherboards and cpu's split into catalogues that can help you choose the correct cpu & MoBo combo.
Jul 30, 2006
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For AMD AM2 platforms, you typically have Nvidia chipsets for the bulk of the boards, and you would need Nvidia for SLI (Two Video cards working as one). Then there are ATI chipsets, which seem to be very good and are necessary if you do Crossfire (Again two video cards of the ATI variety)

Then there is ULI (Bought last year by Nvidia) I have four Uli boards.... I guess I like them pretty good

SIS still does some somewhere?

And all make something for the Intel boards, but Intel is the big fish in that chipset pond.

Most setups for AMD are determined by the Socket, Socket A (Extinct) 754 and 939 (Going the way of the Dodo Bird) And now socket AM2, and F. Intel boards had many sockets 370, 478 and now seem to be going toward one .... LGA 775 so the chipsets make a big difference with Intel

I know you are in Australia, but www.newegg.com (A stateside site) offers a lot of pure information about a board you might be looking at. The US version is not always the same as the global version, but usually is and they have a lot of quick navigation feature that allow you to home in on a board to your liking. You can read the user reviews etc. just for your research and then go to you favorite shopping site to buy.