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Moving on or staying with Windows ?

Aug 17, 2009
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I'm a linux guy. The development server for my own web site is Fedora, and I push all code and data from there.

However, Windows is the lingua franca of computer OSes right now, and provides the best platfrom for gaming and overclocking and what not. I will be sticking with 7, much as I did with XP during the Vista days, as there is no incentive for me to do so other than to be annoyed. (That's what I come here for. ;) )

If that changes in the future, I would have absolutely no problem living in a linux-centric world. :D


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Feb 6, 2007
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I'm not sure why people are annoyed by Windows 8.
If you have compatibility issues with certain software application or drivers I can see the problem, but this is not a whole lot different than any OS upgrade.
Dec 19, 2011
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Stockton, CA

Since we're still beating the dead horse...I'll join too.

I'm already on W7 so I have 0 incentive to upgrade to 8. If I needed it though, I'd simply get it. As much as I dislike the Metro/Modern UI...Unity isn't the best looking interface in the world either. I've occasionally flirted with various flavors of Linux, but I always end up with Windows again. The only decent Linux distro IMO would be Mint.

Sure Steam works on Linux too now, but how many games actually work?

Until there's better video game support for Linux, Windows will be my daily driver. I'm not gonna drop $1K on a computer...then cheap out on the OS because it's a little bit different.