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Msata for pagefile

Discussion in 'Storage' started by neoguyver1, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. neoguyver1

    Jun 28, 2011
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    Was toying around with a cheap 32gb msata and have about 12 for pagefile and 18 for intel smart response, as usual getting the quick boot some read write speeds are iffy and hampered in some instances but improved on others.

    I get at least a 30 second boot into windows with enhanced on ISRT 2600k@stock nt bad for 30 bucks worth off ebay.

    1. Main question is it less pressure on main hdd to have page file on a msata seems to be logically a good thing, i could be wrong?
    2. Should i put page file back on hdd and dedicate it to the intel smart response technology?
    3. Readyboost?
  2. cadaveca

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    PageFile is there to "cache" commonly used files from a drive, and to act as system ram overflow.

    So, each drive, technically, needs it's own page file.

    It won't quite have the effect you want, and this is why Intel offers the "SSD Boost" Smart Repsonse technologies, and even sell drives specifically made for it.

    Do they offer a boost in performance, Yes, from my testing. However, installing the OS to an SSD and using mechanical drives for documents and such is even faster. Really , install OS to 40-60 GB SSD, and use smart response for the data drive...that seems the best bet.
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