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MSI 560TI twin frozer bios unfucking request


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Apr 9, 2010
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System Name Kreij Lives On
Processor Intel Core i5 4670K @ 4.4Ghz 1.32V
Motherboard ASUS Maximus VI Gene Z87
Cooling Reeven Okeanos Single 140MM Fan +2 SP120 White's
Memory 16GB kingston hyper x @ 2133 @ 11 11 11 32
Video Card(s) EVGA GTX 1060 ACX Copper Single fan
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Case Custom Full Aluminum By ST.o.CH <3
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply HX 750i
Mouse Roccat KONE
Keyboard Rocatt ISKU with ISKUFX keycaps
Software Windows 10 +startisback
i have a 560TI I am trying to unfuck for a friend and msi seems to have set the voltage to clock ratio why to low for the card
so I would like someone to edit the bios for me and set the reference clocks since I can't seem to make heads or tails of the tables

MAX core speed 822 @ 1.05v
max shader clock 1644 1.05v
MAX memory clock 1002 @ 1.05v
also if someone could set Performance Level's 0 to 1 to 1.0v instead of the 0.950
and no I do not want to RMA the card there just gonna send him one with the same bad settings :banghead:
I have tested the above config via after burner and the card is 100% stable
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