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MSI Afterburner w/ 6850

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by x-anubis-x, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Hey so I was wondering with MSI's Afterburner software it allows you to unlock the core voltage on your card. Does increasing voltage lower the chance for artifacts at higher clock speeds or is that just dependent on other things? Right now I have my 6850 oc'ed to 860 Core and 1125 Memory and it seems to be pretty stable (no artifacts, temp is ok, ect). So will increasing the voltage let me go higher? And are there any dangers to raising to voltage?

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  2. Wrigleyvillain

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    Yes raising the voltage increases heat which can lead to artifacts if too much for your present cooling and in extreme cases can do damage (but you wouldn't "get that far" so to speak; you'd know and back down long before that). Just pay attention to temps while under load; these things are designed to run safely into the 90s iirc (Google it). With a little more juice you can probably get that thing above 900 no prob. Mine do 925 with 1.18v (default is 1.15).

    And note that Afterburner and such don't "unlock" it, it's just that the voltage regulator on the card is able to be adjusted via software and you can use Afterburner (or Trixx) for such.

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