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MSI Announces the Ultraportable Wind12 U200


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Oct 9, 2007
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Craving for a 12.1" widescreen display with a svelte and portable design? Check out the MSI Wind12 U200. The Wind12 U200, similar in weight and volume to 10" notebooks on the market, weighs only 1.4 kg (with battery) and features a 12.1" HD ready 16:9 aspect ratio glittering crystal frameless screen that promises improved performance. With the The power-sipping brand new Intel Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) processor, U200 provides you the long battery life and the portability.

12.1" 16:9 Glittering Crystal Frameless Screen Widescreen Display
The MSI Wind12 U200's uses the latest glittering crystal frameless screen of 12.1" 16:9 LED backlit display. The glossy display provides the highest quality visual experience, giving you larger and wider viewing area and also reshaping your viewing expectations and giving your eyes something to feast on.

The U200 Glittering Crystal Frameless Screen not only gives the appearance of a stylish and high quality design, it is also dust and scratch resistant, giving it the strength to stand up to daily use. Paired with LED backlight unit technology, the 16:9 aspect ratio cinema display and HD ready (1366 x 768) high resolution, the display appears brighter with an abundance of colors that creates exquisite picture quality. Also, the black bars are gone—enjoy HD DVD on the entire screen and immerse yourself in the world of high definition video.

What's more, the U200 features an HDMI output port that provides a whopping 5GB bandwidth for data transmission, giving it the power to easily connect with an LCD TV or other multimedia device to enjoy vivid and life-like images on a larger display. With the small & light U200, you can realize the dream of a big home cinema.

A Smooth & Graceful Appearance
Stunningly smooth contours, a weight of 1.4 kg including battery, and a footprint smaller than a sheet of A4 paper (297 x 190 mm) make the 12.1" MSI Wind12 U200 an extremely convenient, smart, portable, and elegant netbook. You can carry it in a bag and hardly notice it is there, and with its eye-catching color and vivid display, the U200 will be a must-have accessory.

This model is not only posh on the outside, but when your fingers make contact with the keys, you'll immediately notice the MSI developed Ergonomic De-stress (EDS) keyboard. The contact surface of every key has been increased by 51% for greater comfort and fluid typing action. EDS also reduces stress on fingers and wrists, allowing for sustained use without fatigue.

High Endurance 6.5hr Battery Performance
The Wind12 U200 is the world's first 12.1" notebook to use the Intel CULV platform. When coupled with MSI's 22 years of manufacturing capabilities and the company's independently designed ECO Intelligent Battery Solution, the model received Energy Star certification. The U200 fully utilizes the CULV platform's superior low power consumption capabilities while delivering high performance and extended battery endurance.

When in ECO Turbo Battery mode, the MSI Wind12 U200's 6-cell battery achieved an extremely high 6.5 hours of endurance, three times longer than traditional 12" notebooks. This capability allows for extended usage throughout the entire day. Leave the power unit at home, no need to search for outlets while you are out—you'll have the power for a carefree, highly mobile computing experience.

MSI’s Independently Developed Face Recognition Technology: The Ultimate in Information Security
The Wind12 U200 comes with Easy Face, MSI's independently developed face recognition software. Easy Face is designed to provide a high level of security and protection of your data with 3 functions: Easyface Manager, Easyface Autolocker, and Easyface Logon. Easyface Manager uses the U200's built-in 1.3 megapixel webcam to record your image so Easyface Autolocker and Easyface Logon functions can apply biometric safety measures to access and lock your U200, creating the highest level of protection for your personal information.

The Wind12 U200 also comes with 3 new webcam applications from MSI: Webcam Companion, Visual Effect2, and Print Creation. These applications give you the freedom to edit, quick print, and immediately share images taken with your webcam.

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Looks very nice! Great to see them SQUEEZE so much in. Screen resolution could have been upped a bit, since 1366x768 is really a 10"/11" format. Would have been nice to squeeze more in. As a netbook MSI are right to keep to a 1366x768 budget. But for an ultraportable, more is always better.

Has anyone tried this EDS keyboard. Sounds like a "fancy marketing term" to say that they kept manufacturing costs down by NOT having key holes cut (which, by the way, means the EDS keyboard is less rigid). I think I prefer the look and feel of the Apple alu / Sony style keyboard. (Buttons UP from cut holes)
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