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MSI HD 7970 Lightning "GPU Reactor" Detailed

Oct 6, 2004
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What's taking sapphire so long? maybe they are waiting for NVIDIA... idk. They have launched the ultimate HD6970 only the day HD7970 was launched.
The ultimate HD6970 (reference cost, DualFan cooling) is so powerful at overclocking it can reach around 1150Mhz core clock. 1100Mhz at only 1.215V! That's the power sapphire has.
Back in the HD5800 days they had the power to produce an HD5850 who could clock 1Ghz at Sub-1.2 volts, again, with advanced cooling and reference cost
Reach clocks or actually benchmark at those speeds?
I don't see them on hwbot.org and if the cards clocked that easy, that well and passed benchmarks, they would totally dominate all benchmarks.
Dec 31, 2009
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+1. Not seeing many above 1k at Hwbot for vantage (one of the hardest to pass) with "stock"/"air" cooling.
Aug 13, 2010
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Reach clocks or actually benchmark at those speeds?
I don't see them on hwbot.org and if the cards clocked that easy, that well and passed benchmarks, they would totally dominate all benchmarks.
That's exactly my point! I'm going nuts just to try and understand how they didn't completely conquered the entire benchmark world!

Had 6 HD5850's
4 reference and two sapphire (Blue PCB ones)
one of the sapphire's could run perfectly stable at 1GHZ on 1.16V core and the other 1.18V
while all the reference designs i had managed to achieve this only at 1.25-1.29V

Even at stock-voltage overclocking they were utter beasts. At the same base voltage all the HD5850 could reach 835Mhz core clock
The sapphire cards could reach 925Mhz and 935Mhz on their core (same voltage as reference)

Same story with the HD6970. look here:
This overclock is UN-machable. Every HD6970 ive ever tested wont reach those clocks even at the highest voltage possible VIA software control

All those years experimenting with sapphire's amazing PCBs made me a die-hard sapphire fan, they earned it.
When I saw the leaked details about an ATOMIC cards operating at 1335MHZ it blew my mind, becuase i knew they will create another amazing UniPCB for the HD7900 series so i could enjoy ground-breaking overclocking abilities on simple HD7950 designs. As for now ive tested three HD7950s, two reference PCB'd ones and XFX's BE, the all passed 40+% overclocking over reference speeds, with sapphire's PCB i wouldn't be surprised to see 60-70 figures.

Now, thing is that i have no experience overclocking those graphics cards on a sub-ambient cooling but i can guess they wont be as good as cards like MSI's lightning edition. So their big advantages will be seen by the air\water cooling users.
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May 29, 2011
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You can pre order this card from OCUK for £499. Just ordered one. Thought I was gonna buy it and have it deliverd tomorrow, didn't realise it wasn't in stock yet, gutted! They get them in on the 30th of this month.