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MSI P6NGM2-L motherboard, no voltage control

Feb 24, 2009
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Orange County, CA
System Name CanOWorms
Processor Ryzen 5 1600
Motherboard ASRock AB350M
Memory 16GB @ 2933
Video Card(s) EVGA Geforce 1050 Ti
Storage 256GB MX100 & 1TB WD Blue
Display(s) Samsung 40" 4K TV
Case Cougar MX330
Power Supply Seasonic M12II Evo
Mouse Gamdias Demeter
Keyboard Logitech G710+
Software Win10
This is a LGA755 board that they sell for $50 at CompUSA. It is a great board for $50 and I even have my 2.8@3.2 just with bus speed increase. I am stifled right now by not being able to increase the voltage. I was wondering if there is a hack for this BIOS, or anything else I might be able to do without modifying the actual hardware. The board serial # is MS-7518 and the latest BIOS file is 7518v22.zip. Thanks in advance.
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