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MSI R9 290 Gaming worth it? ($470)

Apr 5, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I just saw a MSI gaming 290 on amazon for $470. I'm currently using a couple of 570s, but the itch to upgrade is strong. Should I get this or a gtx 780 Tri-x for $500?? I game @ 1080p.

I'm also planning on getting acopy of battlefield 4, so the fact that the 290 is bundled with the game is a + in my opinion. How does this compare to the ASUS Dc2 models? (I'm never going to buy a reference 290, and I'm planning on overclocking)

Thanks all!
Aug 7, 2007
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From what I see on the Amazon page, the waiting time is 1-3 months for it to ship. Do you really want to wait that long to get a card, even if it's that cheap a price?

The only non-reference R9 290 cards that I would get are the Sapphire Tri-X OC or Powercolor PCS+ (Sapphire uses reference PCB, Powercolor uses a custom PCB with a few upgraded components). From the dozens of reviews I've read, Sapphire is the coolest and quietest with some good overclocking headroom depending if you get a nice cherry picked chip. The Powercolor PCS+ just made it's debut on Newegg. I haven't seen any reviews on it yet, but I'm dying to see how it performs with it's custom PCB and cooling versus other R9 290s.

If you were to make a decision now, I'd get the Sapphire. If you want to wait another week or so to wait for a Powercolor review, I'd say wait and then make a decision.