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MSI's New G Series Gaming NBs Unveiled Steal spotlight at CeBIT 2012


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Oct 9, 2007
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System Name Long shelf-life potato
Processor Intel Core i7-4770K
Motherboard ASUS Z97-A
Cooling Xigmatek Aegir CPU Cooler
Memory 16GB Kingston HyperX Beast DDR3-1866
Video Card(s) 2x GeForce GTX 970 SLI
Storage ADATA SU800 512GB
Display(s) Samsung U28D590D 28-inch 4K
Case Cooler Master CM690 Window
Audio Device(s) Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe
Power Supply Corsair HX850W
Mouse Razer Abyssus 2014
Keyboard Microsoft Sidewinder X4
Software Windows 10 Pro Creators Update
Focused on developing its own high tech brand name, MSI Notebook's steady stream of innovations has enabled it to break one world record after another. For example, MSI G Series gaming notebook computers that were tested at the recent IDF Forum organized by Intel in Beijing racked up over 20,000 points on the PC Mark . Soon afterward, the GT780DXR was awarded Innovations Honorees at CES 2012. Now, MSI is introducing the GT60, GT70, GE60, and GE70—the ultimate in next generation gaming notebooks. They feature Intel's next generation top-of-the-line quad core processors and the nVidia new generation discrete graphics card—the fastest one of its kind on the planet. Specially designed to meet the extreme demands of extreme gamers around the world, these killer notebooks also boast awesome peripherals.

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Mar 1, 2012
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Gt60 & gt70

LOL at: "nVidia's newest generation, high-end discrete graphics card". Turns out this will just be rebadged GTX570M with a very minor bump in memory speed.


Very disappointed in nVidia this round. If MSI can't deliver something cooler and more importantly QUIETER than the 780 and 783, I'll be looking elsewhere for my next gaming notebook. Don't get me wrong, as I'd prefer to see MSI winning the next round of the gaming laptop competition. They are the only ones to have the good sense to include an anti-reflective matte screen, put in the best sound system, and are nicely priced vs the competition.

What they have done wrong in the past is think that people care about more than 8 GB of RAM (I don't want to pay for something I'll NEVER use), botch the zero key on the numeric keypad (restore it's size or just skip the keypad), vented the laptops out the left side instead of the back, used a single fan to cool the CPU/GPU, not included air filters, didn't include Optimus, and for some reason think people actually want to buy a system with RAID 0 drives. I'd like mine with one 750 GB drive, and I'll put in my own SSD of my own choice (thank you very much MSI).

If Alienware was offering a Matte Screen with their better chasis, and preferably an AMD GCN video card, they would get my cash for a M17r4. But being a dell outfit, they will continue to gauge people and lose sales because of it. If they wouldn't have been so greedy, they could have kicked Asus and MSI's collective arses last round.