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multi gpu multi monitor strange anomaly..

Discussion in 'NVIDIA' started by panchoman, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. panchoman

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    hi guys,

    i'm running an asus ul50vt, i've got 2 gpu's under the hood, one is an integrated intel gma, and the other is an nvidia geforce g210m 512mb dedicated card...

    now i'm running custom asus drivers to make them work... the drivers switch between the two cards, based on power options and what not..

    now heres the strange part.. i've got 3 outputs on the laptop.. 1 for the attached monitor.. one hdmi, and 1 vga..

    now i'm not sure the outputs are mapped.. but i'm assuming they are pooled together...
    before, i had a dual screen setup.. and both the geforce and gma could run both the laptop screen and the vga port.. now i've got a new hdmi monitor.. and hit up the hdmi port..

    whatever i do, windows wont let me do 3 monitors at once.. just 2.. it detects all 3, but will always designate one to be set at "disconnect this device" can't clone/extend or do anything...

    the nvidia control panel doesn't see the 3rd monitor.. only the 2 active ones....

    any way to fix this?
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  2. Sinzia

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    I bet thats nvidia's optimus technology for saving battery life kicking in and turning off the nvidia card to save battery.

    I personally don't have experience with the optimus tech, but I'm sure there's other people on here who do.

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