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my fun of overclocking my laptop

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by insane 360, Apr 30, 2013.

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    so i've got a vostro 3650 (spec'ed from my job)

    core i7 3612qm
    7670m (switchable graphics)
    15.6" 1080p

    so for the time being this is my gaming pc/work laptop...

    i don't play much thats really new on pc gaming atm, but i still really enjoy total war series, coho, portal 2, and some torchlight, and Hawken

    it was going alright but i really wanted to overclock the gpu...finally found out how, thanks to some on here and some other google searching...msi afterburner, the latest beta, go to settings and do the unofficial overclocking with power play (that way it isn't running overclocked the entire time)

    this let me go from 600/900 ---> 780/1050 with very little effect to my temps

    the weird thing is, if you reboot, it doesn't seem to matter what you do...but if you click on the "K" (for kombuster) then it doesn't launch the program, but seems to ping the graphics card and pick up the settings again so you can overclock once again...this doesn't happen if it just goes to suspend...

    so just a few bench's...

    latest 3dmark at stock 50058/6494/856....then overclocked 55244/7491/1084

    the only other bench i could think of was dawn of war 2...

    stock was 43avg/78max/7.9min
    overclock 53avg/95max/7min

    now i think from what i saw with the bench if you get better fps's with dawn of war II then it seems to run a longer section of the bench and gets more intense to push the hardware harder...thats why the min is a little lower...but all my games are much more playable...dawn of war II and COHO (a lot of the other older titles) run great at 1080p and medium/high settings...

    the rest of the games, (hawken/bad company 2...) run great at 720p in medium...

    so just a fyi if you have this switchable graphics, its a little odd overclocking, but it handles it great!
    hoax32 says thanks.

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