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My Wii is poop after 4-5 hours of playing.


Apr 7, 2006
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I owned it for like 3 weeks, but only used it for 4-5 hours. I finally got my first game (Twilight) the other day and I started to notice white dots/artifacts during cut scenes and a bit during gameplay. I thought this was normal, because according to reviews, they did mention plenty of small graphical glitches.

Then I noticed that it did the same thing on my VC games...including NES games.

Then I have noticed it during Wii Sport, and it haven't done that before when I initially got it.

I get up on this nice independence day to play on the Wii, just to find out that all of my VC games except the n64 ones wont start up correctly, the game screen just scrolls and the wii remote beeps loudly...my guess is overheating?!?! Well, from Googling around, it is overheat. But I do have it a highly ventilated area whit zero obstructions...and used only for few hours. SO..wtf?

What I have found out from the wiki is that the ATI "Hollywood" GPU has a
ARM926 core, which has been unofficially nicknamed the Starlet. This embedded microprocessor performs many of the I/O functions, including controlling the wireless functionality, USB, the disc drive, and other miscellaneous functions. It also acts as the security controller of the system, performing encryption and authentication functions. The Hollywood includes hardware implementations of AES and SHA-1, to speed up these functions. Communication with the main CPU is accomplished via an IPC mechanism. The Starlet performs the WiiConnect24 functions while the Wii console is in standby mode.

In other words, WiiConnect24 uses the GPU during standby, and guess what...the cooling fan is completely off during standby! So the GPU is roasting due to WiiConnect24.

So a word of warning, make sure you have an after market cooler for you Wii that runs during standby, or have WiiConnect24 off altogether.

According to the Nintendo (I have called them), this is a hardware issue, and is a fairly common issue...and the only fix is to replace the unit. I asked them if they going to give me a brand new unit, and they said no, its gonna be a refurb. WTH, I just bought the wii, bought $150 bucks extra of games and accessories, played only 5 hours...and in return they will give me a refurb. And on top of that, the support guy said that the refurb is not immune to the issue.

Good thing is that its still with-in amazon exchange policy, and they are sending me a new one which I should get on Monday.

I guess this is the Wii version of the RRoD, and both the 360 and Wii uses ATI GPU's.