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Neat trick to lower temps on a 920

Sep 23, 2007
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Found this over at OCN''

Well lets start at the beginning. Recently I started overclocking my i7 920, and did not very good results. At about 2.8Ghz @ stock voltage the temps where at about 77°C and even at stock they're about 72°C. Not bad you might(or might not) say, but it gets 20°C hotter in my room in the summer. Therefore my temperatures needed to drop, but I did wanted a 3.0Ghz clock. More is really not (jet) needed, considering that my GPU is my biggest bottleneck.

So I thought to myself, hmmm...what would macgyver do?:thinking:
Lower that voltage, he said:teaching:... and so I did.

i7 920: (133*20) 2.66Ghz
RAM: (133*12) 1600Mhz @ 7-7-7
Vcore: 1.23V @ 100% load
Temp after 10 prime95: 72°C

Overclock and undervolt
i7 920: (150*20) 3Ghz
RAM: (150*10) 1500Mhz @ 7-7-7
Vcore: 0.944V @ 100% load
Temp after 8h with Prime95: 56°C

IMO, this is a rock stable overclock, and the lowest voltage on a overclocked 920 I could find. I think that it go even lower if I tweaked it a bit, but i'm happy with this "ECO friendly overclock":rolleyes: This settings should survive the summer, and give me a good performance boost.

13% overclock
30% undervolt
28% Less °C

Top that:D
Seems like a viable alternative to getting a D0 or running stock.

I'm not surprised that MFR's boards provide more volts than required...that makes sure everyone's chip will run right at Auto settings. So try tweaking down the volts if temps are a concern.


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May 28, 2005
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Well, it's kinda obvious that lower volts = lower temps, but i'm impressed he got 3ghz with less than 1 volt.

Your right though, it'd make a lot of sence if system builders lowered the volts on thier systems.
Imagine a big company like Dell dropped the cpu voltage by 10% on every computer they made... World-wide hundreds of kilo-watts would be spared.