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Need HD 3870 TOXIC 512 BIOS editor for Core Clock adjustments

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by iPearl, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. iPearl New Member

    Jul 27, 2008
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    Hi there
    Fellow graphic card junkies.

    Okay I am in search of a BIOS editor than can edit my DEFAULT CORE CLOCK of my 3870 Toxic.

    I do not want to Flash it with a 3870 ATOMIC Bios b/c they seem to have different PCB boards. The Toxic uses diff fan controllers and runs on a diff volt range at default.
    In short i tried, it made my 3870 Toxic slower and louder with the 3870 atomic bios.

    RBEditor.v1.12 is the only editor that can read and edit Toxic Bios, BUT it can't change the default clock speed.
    Default clocks:

    Toxic version - 800Mhz GPU / 1152Mhz DDR
    Atomic version - 825Mhz GPU / 1200Mhz DDR

    I want to retain my Toxic Bios but want to edit the Core clock to match a Atomic.

    atibiosedit_097Beta, Radedit, Bios Edit, all these don't even recognize the 3870 Toxic Bios dumped by atiflash or GPU-Z.

    This is Atomic:

    This is Toxic:

    This is MY TOXIC After removing sticker (want to get it to 825/1200 default)

    Indeed the Toxic is simpler in build. But both have ups and downs.
    From looking at both OEM bios, the Toxic has been given more low-end and mid-range power at less volts.
    Where as the Atomic has been given a high-end core clock at more volts.
    Below are links of both bios.
    The one with box is from Toxic and the one with dots is the one from Atomic w/ some of its differences.
    What ever is in the box is what i wish to edit. Which i was able to do on my old X800XT 256.

    Note the Dots,indicate the clock differences and volts changes and its UVD, that is set to 700

    To my beliefs the Toxic was gotten rid off external fan control. And it got replaced with a very fine tuned onboard bios step fan control. That will change fan speed at a certain given temp, in step up format. Hence the Toxic fan 2pin the Atomic 4pin.
    Where as the Atomic uses Slope(Smoother fan control but it seems to hit 100% fan speed faster) or CCC Fan controllers from windows.
    Hence i wasn't able to get the desired performance out of the Toxic with atomic bios....

    I am not too fond of hardware mods...so no pencil mods
    I feel saver with Bios and Software modifications(prefer bios b/c after driver update its still there)

    Can't find editor,... cries
  2. boogah New Member

    Jun 27, 2008
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    just modify the core and voltage on the toxic bios to match the atomic then flash it to the card. Put the fan settings to one speed like 55% shouldn't be too loud.
  3. iPearl New Member

    Jul 27, 2008
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    Well that the problem, I don't wanna touch the reg clock settings.

    I just wanna modify my default core clocks, in the pink box of the first picture.
    But the programs that would allow me to modify this can't read the Toxic bios (not recocnized as an ATI bios)

    I am happy the way my Toxic fan is set right now.

    I know i can modify anything else....
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2008

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