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Need help Building a gmain Pc


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Feb 12, 2010
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Hi all am new here so still learning the computers in school at the moment. I wana build a gamin PC as part of my school project but don't have any clue where should I start from. Few things I wana know if any one can help thanks in advance. Things I wana know are -

1) How should I select a case for gaming
2) Which motherboard is best for newly build games
3) How would I know what power supply should I get as I know it is related to mother board's spec ( am just comfused, may be its a foolish question to you guys)
4) Now my forth point is how do I know which Ram should I get ( I wana when building custom PC based on what I should by the RAM e.g clock speed, size, bus etc & how to know that will fit in the motherboard i bought)
5) Then about the video ( I need HD level graphics), so how should I choose the right video card which will fit in my motherboard and give me the performance.
6) Which CPU as well and how to determine which cooling system to buy which will fit on it and give necessary cooling
7) The soundcard (same question as above)
8) HD
Thats all I need as I need to explain how do I know the MB a baught will be suitable for I7 Intel cpu and I have to write it in my Technical details for all of them. Sorry for askin this long question but I couldn't find any better place then asking in the forum.
May 15, 2008
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Nov 29, 2009
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Look around the website, you can pick up a lot of things.


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Jul 23, 2006
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what price range?

i always base my builds off the mobo and i like AMD so i'll start there

this is one of my favorite AMD boards M4A78T-E $105 AMIR

next gotta pick the cpu and the 965BE is a very good choice $180

ram well there is always a debate with this and if you know what you are doing a good 1333/1600mhz kit can be an 1800mhz kit with a couple of BIOS settings these are an old favorite and carry D9KPT chips on them which clock to around 1800mhz CL8 2v on AMD $112

now onto video since the board can do xfire might as well get a card that can aswell cant go wrong with a 5770 $150 AMIR

powersupply well just in case you ever throw an extra 5770 in OCZ modxtreme pro 700w sounds god for $60 AMIR

sound card i wouldn't get unless you really really want to and an asus xonar would be amazing

cases NZXT has come up in the world and i rather like this one $90 AMIR

cpu cooling comes in the box and is more than enough for that cpu@3.6ghz but to get a little more a xiggy would be kinda nice $30 AMIR

you still need a HDD and ODD so dont forget those but this would be a good little gamer


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Jul 10, 2005
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