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need HELP - Cant UNDERSTAND what's the PROBLEM


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Oct 13, 2010
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Here goes. Today I try to start my computer (see specs)

Well, the motherboard doesnt boot (beep sound) and I thought what the hell and left it alone. Tried to start agin after an hour, well it started this time, but as soon as it reached the Windows logo(win 7), it just restarted. and this time agin no beep sound, just a blank (black) screen and the cpu fan humming away at full speed

I thought windows was corrupt, so I took out uBuntu 10.10 live dvd and well, I'm typing this from there. So HDD is fine. BTW, i randomly removed one of my memory (RAM) and this is the result, I'll try with both again with uBuntu. Then it will be a confirmed WINDOWS problem

Now the concern is, while uBuntu was starting up, for a few seconds the entire screen went haywire with lines of colour. I thought GFX was KAPUT, but uBuntu is running fine after that, although I havn't installled any Linux drivers yet.

Now the thing is the same weird emulsion of colours appeared all around the WINDOWS logo while starting up, and then it restarted.

So guys, is it a GRAPHICS CARD problem??? I just cant figure out. I'm gonna test my other RAM now. Everything else is fine, backing up my data as I type.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? If it's gfx then good its under warranty I'll send it for RMA right away.
Aug 5, 2008
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The fact that your PC failed to start the very first time is worrying, and suggests hardware problem.

Screen gibberish with Ubuntu can be normal (way the GPU driver kicks in).
However, the screen gibberish during Windows load is unheard of, and suggests GPU problem (or windows corruption)

I'd suggest running a thorough memtest86+ from bootable CD/USB first.
Possible problems:
- power supply
- memory
- graphics card
- windows corrupted


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Jun 11, 2008
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The colours that you mention when loadin windows would normally point to a graphics or memory issue.

If your motherboard has onboard GFX try running off that and if the colours still appear try sawpping the RAm, or if you do not have any spare download and run MEMtest, had a very similar issue at work not so long back


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Apr 20, 2007
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Definitely a graphics issue - try upping the voltage of your 5850 a little as I see that you have it lower then normal (or constantly in powersaving mode??)

if that doesnt help, it could be that the RAM on your graphics card has been corrupted - dont ask me how it happends, it just does and when it does theres nothing you can do but send it back for RMA - thats how my 9700Pro died.... It was running 9800 clocks :D