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Need some help on overclocking an i5 750

Aug 12, 2005
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Storage Samsung 850 Ev0 500GB
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Case Silverstone SG13
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Power Supply Silverstone SX-500LG
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Software Windows 10 Pro
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I need some help on voltages and clock speeds.

I currently have mine running at 3.8GHz (190x20) with Vcore @1.24375V, VTT @ 1.170V. RAM also overclocked from 1333 to 1520 9/9/9/24 1.5V. Power saving features are all enabled. Turbo is disabled. These settings are perfectly stable. I can run Intel Burn Test (IBT) for hours without getting an error.

Like anyone else, I want to push it further (4GHz is such a awesome figure to reach even though it is only a 200MHz uip). Heck, I'm only at 65C in IBT so I have more headroom, right?

But the thing is, I cannot get it to work any faster. When I try 200x20, it would not boot because I guess the VTT is not enough. So I increased VTT from 1.170V to 1.250V, but I set it at 200x19 this time. Same clock as before, but higher VTT. I also lowered the RAM to 1200 (x6 multiplier) to rule it out as a cause of instability.

But when I ran IBT with the new settings, it would fail in the second run. The first value and the second value are different from each other.

What gives? What should I do to make it to 4GHz? Previously I have tried everything up to 1.4V on the Vcore and settings everything else to AUTO, but couldn't run it at 4GHz stably.

How should I proceed from hereon? Any help is much appreciated.

I can however enable 21x multiplier, but then I would have to disable power saving options. I don't know if it is this motherboard, or how things just are, but I don't want to lose the power saving features. If I cannot push any further without disabling power saving options, so be it!
Oct 16, 2006
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Processor Core I5 750
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Power Supply Corsair 950 w (Hur Hur !)
Software Windows 7
You`re supposed to disable power-savings before any overclock. Also spread spectrum. Did you disable turbo boost ? That could play havoc with an overclock.