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Never buying from Visiontek again

Discussion in 'AMD / ATI' started by D007, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. D007


    Mar 7, 2007
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    I have been trying to get an RMA for this card I got from them that has been blackscreening on me. Over the past 2 weeks they have given me nothing but trouble in returning it. They told me they do an advanced RMA option and then they keep purposely entering in the wrong information causing my cards to be declined.

    I know what your thinking. "I must of put the info in wrong" But I have once again triple verified the info on "BOTH" cards and verified the copied paperwork I sent them to make sure every single detail was 100% correct and it all has been on both accounts.

    This is one of those companies that will try to screw you and leave u with a broken card I guess. Since they know I don't have another card, they are refusing my advanced replacement, hoping I just say screw it, so I'm not stuk without a card for a week. Well they win. I don't want to be stuk without a card for a week, so I'm keeping this half broken piece of crap til Christmas, then sending it directly back, so they can't make up any bullshit excuses..

    Lesson learned. Not buying Visiontek ever again..
    These guys have declined 2 of my credit cards so far and I have triple verified the information with them. I have contacted my bank and they tell me that on both cards, all 6 times, they kept entering the wrong credit card information in.
    I even called visiontek and had them read me every detail on the phone, they read me the right info, but enter the wrong info..

    I used both these cards not even a few days ago to purchase my gf's new pc on newegg and I called both cards customer service. They both say the same thing. "They are entering the wrong information in"..
    I think this is a shady business practice and nothing more.. Maybe I'm crazy but I trust my gut and my gut tells me someone is trying to screw me over.
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  2. Jstn7477


    Aug 30, 2009
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    Sarasota, Florida, USA
    Visiontek charges a ton of money for otherwise reference cards, so I see no reason to buy from them. XFX and Sapphire have been pretty good to me.
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  3. qubit

    qubit Overclocked quantum bit

    Dec 6, 2007
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    This sounds very dodgy indeed.

    I say do a credit card chargeback on them and be done with it. Let's see them get that "wrong".
  4. brandonwh64

    brandonwh64 Addicted to Bacon and StarCrunches!!!

    Sep 6, 2009
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    Chatsworth, GA
    Im thankful I have not had to RMA my card to them.
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