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New build: help needed to set up new PC

Discussion in 'System Builder's Advice' started by paraver, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. paraver New Member

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Hi everyone,

    I intend to spend up to USD $ 2.050 (€ 1.500) for a new build.

    1) What is the budget ?

    USD $ 2.050 (€ 1,500)

    2) When will you buy your computer ?
    Once I have everything set .

    3) What kind of computer is it?

    4) What is the main use of the PC?
    Essentially movies, Office and streaming. Also for photography and video editing software (amateur) , and a few games (FM, COD, Battlefield, F1).

    5) When do you intend to upgrade your PC ?
    When necessary, between 6-7 years.

    6) Do you prefer any brand or manufacturer ?
    Combine quality, price and silence.

    7) Are you going to overclock ?

    8) Do you have any configuration in mind ?
    Monitor: BenQ XL2411T (9H.L9SLB.DBE)
    USD $ 379,77 (€ 279,24)

    Case: (not decided yet)
    Cooler Master CM 690 III (CMS-693-KKN1)
    USD $ 112,88 (€ 83)
    Cooler Master Silencio 650 Pure (RC-650L-KKN1)
    USD $ 129,2 (€ 95)
    Cooler Master Silencio 652 (SIL-652-KKN1)
    USD $ 138,72 (€ 102)
    Fractal Design Define R4 Black (FD-CA-DEF-R4-BL)
    USD $ 136 (€ 100)
    Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 (4260285291005)
    USD $ 133,28 (€ 98)

    Power Supply: be quiet! Dark Power Pro 650W 10 CM (BN201) - (If 550W is enough for this configuration, I will choose this one)
    USD $ 193,79 (€ 142,49)

    CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 3.4GHz 8M Cache Socket 1150 (BX80646I74770)
    USD $ 352,58 (€ 259,25)

    Motherboard: ASUS H87-PRO (90MB0E90-M0EAY5)
    USD $ 126,33 (€ 92,89)

    CPU Cooler: (not chosen yet) :
    be quiet! Dark Rock 2 (BK015)
    USD $ (€ 57,89)
    be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1 (BK014)
    USD $ (€ 48,38)
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (RR-212E-20PK-R2) + NB - BlackSilent Pro 120mm (PL-2)
    USD $ (€ 30,81) + USD $ (€ 18,85)
    Zalman CNPS8900 Quiet
    USD $ (€ 36,81)
    SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE1224 (SPC094)
    USD $ 45,23 (€ 33)

    Memory (the cheapest at the time of purchase):
    8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1.600 or 1.866 MHz, latencies between 9 and 8.

    HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA 7200 64MB ( WD1002FAEX )
    USD $ 97,77 (€ 71,89)

    Video Card: Asus DirectCU II Top R9 280x 3GB-R9280X-DC2T-3GD5 (90YV0500-M0NA00)
    USD $ 393,38 (€ 289,25)

    Sound Card: Asus Xonar DX 7.1 PCI-E (90-YAA060-1UAN0BZ)
    USD $ 84,32 (€ 62)

    Lan/Wireless/Bluetooh Card:
    To connect with laptop and other mobile devices. I do not know if I buy a card or USB device. I have no idea about what to choose.

    Speakers: Creative A550 5.1 (51MF4120AA000)
    USD $ 76,5 (€ 56,25)

    Optical Drive: ASUS DRW - 24B5ST (90-UB0010-D4CHVB)
    USD $ 25,7 (€ 18,90)

    Keyboard: Microsoft Comfort Curve 3000 (3TJ-00007)
    USD $ 21,08 (€ 15,50)
    (want a keyboard ergonomic, and also silent)

    TV Card:
    To watch TV via cable (if include radio, better, but it is not relevant). Not Only Tv?

    Operating System: MS Windows 8.1 64-BIT
    USD $ 135,86 (€ 99,90)

    9) Processor
    - low consumption
    - Performance / Price

    10) Motherboard

    11) Graphics
    Single card

    12) Hard Drive
    - 1 disc (1TB 7,200 rpm)
    - SSD (not a priority , but if it fits on the budget ...)

    13) Drives
    - DVD Recorder
    - Blu-ray (not a priority , but if it fits on the budget ...)

    14) PSU
    Enough for the configuration and silent.

    15) Case
    Quality and functionality

    16) Do you need any special port or communication?
    - Wireless and Bluetooth (to occasional communication with laptop and other mobile devices)
    - eSATA ( not relevant )
    - FireWire ( not relevant )

    17) The budget includes peripherals ?
    - Monitor (24 '' Full HD, up to 120 Hz)
    - Keyboard (Normal , quiet and easy to clean)
    - Speakers (5:1)

    19) Do you need operating system ?
    Yes. Windows 8 64-bit.
    End of Quiz

    Thank you in advance for your feedback, for a machine that should be energy efficient, silent and last for few years.

    Any suggestions or recommendations from the options I have or your own would be very welcomed!

    The printer will come later.

    Thank you.
  2. Arjai


    Apr 3, 2012
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    St. Paul, MN
    I would wait a minute and get one of these bad mofo's!!


    Zalman FX70. I would leave the side panel off, just to show this thing off!! Work of art.
    Crunching for Team TPU
  3. night.fox


    Dec 23, 2012
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    south korea

    Wow well organize... it looks good.

    although, as for my opinion, since you intend to keep your rig 6-7 years, i would get overclockable processor. 4770K. you dont need now but in few years you might need more power. get z87 mobo instead for the overclocking.

    and also, z87 mobo has max 32gb RAM capacity, i would suggest getting 2 x 8gb now. since your intention is for video editing and photo editing. these programs like a high RAM. having 2 x 8gb now gives you more option to add 16gb more in the future.

    I would suggest not closing your doors for future upgrading. somewhere down the road, you will feel the need to.

    But that is just my opinion. I had experience before closing my doors for future upgrade, i end up spending more.
  4. paraver New Member

    Jan 9, 2014
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    A 550W PSU is enough?
  5. happita


    Aug 7, 2007
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    Case: Go with the Fractal Design Define R4, the thing is fantastic. I got to see it in person at my friends house and I think it's definitely worth the price.

    CPU: Try aiming for a 4770k like night.fox said. It's probably a few dollars more, but you get the added benefit of having the ability of overclocking if you ever get interested in it (this can stretch your performance 3-4 years down the road, and believe me I was totally anti-OC also), and it will have a much higher re-sale value than a regular 4770 in the long-run.

    Memory: Find yourself a good/reliable 2x4GB kit of 1866MHz at CL 9 (check online reviews)

    Power Supply: A good quality 550W Power Supply (minimum Gold certified Seasonic, Corsair, etc.) can power the system you want to purchase. (do not be cheap with a power supply)

    Video Card: That ASUS DirectCU 280X is a very good card.
  6. rtwjunkie

    rtwjunkie PC Gaming Enthusiast

    Jul 25, 2008
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    Louisiana -Laissez les bons temps rouler!
    +1. I just got this for one of my rigs, and AMAZING does not do it justice!! I truly am in awe of this case.
  7. paraver New Member

    Jan 9, 2014
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    In normal circumstances, I would go for a be quiet PSU. I just don't know if a go for a 550W or 650W...
  8. paraver New Member

    Jan 9, 2014
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    Guys, I need your advises, your feedback!

  9. BarbaricSoul


    Feb 21, 2008
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    S.E. Virginia
    I agree with what's generally being said here.

    Get the 4770k for future OC'ing so prolong the life span of the system.

    Get a Z87 motherboard, personally, I like MSI and Gigabyte.

    No need for more than 1866mhz speed RAM.

    550 watts is plenty for any single video card system.
    Blue-Knight says thanks.
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