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New mouse mat

May 19, 2015
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Hi there. Currently I'm using Razer Mantis Speed which must be 10+ y.o., it's still cool but that material which allows a mouse to slide started to come off long time ago and recently when I washed it I thought that might be I needed to buy a new mouse mat at all, because I've really no idea what glue to use to glue it back, otherwise I'd use it for another 10 years, because, well, it just fits.

So, if to replace my current mat with something new that lets a mouse glide just as easy as my current mat does (no more, no less) - what should it be? I'm pretty sure there's nothing a really good mat may differ from a decent enough one so I surely don't need something expensive, in the end I'm not a hardcore pro player, I just need my mouse and my palm which holds it to glide all over the mat like it does with Razer Mantis Speed, I play Counter-Strike so I need a good accuracy moving a mouse and I'm too old to learn how to move my mouse differently, that's why I'm to have a really hard time replacing my current mouse which no one sells anymore but we may talk about it in a different thread.

Not sure how much I'm ready to spend on it because I've not checked the prices for the mats for many many years, but let's say I'm ready to spend like 60$.