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New Surface Pro (5)

Jul 30, 2006
227 (0.05/day)
Cornelius, Oregon, US
Processor AMD's 6400+ Black, 5000+ Black
Motherboard MSI K9A2 Platinum, MSI K9A2 CF
Cooling Scythe Ninja, both of them
Memory 2 X 2 Geil PC6400, 2 X 1 Patriot PC6400
Video Card(s) MSI HD 3870, and ATI X1900 XT
Storage 500 Gig Seagate , and 320 Gig Seagate
Display(s) ACER AL2216W LCD, and Hyundai L90D+ LCD
Case Antec P-160 (Aluminum), and Antec 1650
Audio Device(s) Onboard AudioMax, and Audigy 2 Value
Power Supply Antec 850 Quatro, and Seasonic S-12 500
Software Vista Ultimate 64; Vista Home Premium 64,
I have Windows phones, and have had a Surface 2 tablet for the wife. Even though it was/is a Windows 8 NT OS, she is quite happy with it. I have a Surface 2 Pro, that was 8.1, but I went to Win 10 early on. Using it as I type.
I bought a new Surface Pro (Just the tablet, no keyboard, as the wife does not like the keyboards) I bought it for the wife and it does have Win 10 Pro. I bought a i-5, 4 Gig of Ram, 128 Gig SSD. So far (5 days) she loves it, but she feels guilty and wants me to get one. I am waiting on a Christmas deal to pop-up on a i-5 version with more memory and a keyboard. I don't really need it but.......