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New US bill to make online streams of anything about copyrighted games, illegal.

Discussion in 'Games' started by RuskiSnajper, Jul 1, 2011.

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  1. RuskiSnajper


    Feb 18, 2009
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    slovenia , europe
    If this bill (in the current form) gets passed you may say farewell to videos like:

    just a few examples , it's MASSIVE on ASTRONOMICAL PROPORTIONS

    game reviews , illegal
    gameplay video, illegal
    gaming walkthrought's / demos (educational purpose) , illegal
    tournament video, illegal
    huskystarcraft , illegal
    machinimia , illegal
    videogame engine tutorial (mapping) , illegal
    modding tutorials (contains tests, etc) , illegal
    famous leeroy jenkins WOW video, illegal
    famous Crysis Physics (3000 barrels) video , illegal
    E3 video previews , illegal
    funny remixes, parodies, etc... , illegal

    The only way you can do this , is to send an email to for example activision and then wait for their reply (hahah lol) to give you an a permission to upload videos , and there are some CRITERIAS that you need to have to even be VALID for a request of permission.

    So it would be really limited , most of the time only the media would have these permission.

    You get a massive fine and up to 5 times in jail.
    If you upload it 9 times, fine , 10th , illegal.

    Video games are included because it's a copyrighter material, but they're failing the point , NONE of the developers/publishers ever take down GAMEPLAY,REVIEW, ...etc it's just stupid, the bill is totally wrong for games.

    Contact/ send letters about this to: IDSoftware, Blizzard Entertainment, EA(DICE), Bethesda, Activision, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Should get those 2 congressmans together, they'll take it over and present to others in congress.

    I haven't seen any big reddits about this, get TO work people, i will not be able to do much today since im going to bed soon :p

    The bill should not contain video games - and the wording of the bill is ABSOLUTELY INSANE, the bill obviously has no idea about what games are and how games are different then movies and TV shows and books .... it should only be illegal to upload SOURCE CODE, GAME EXECUTABLES (ex, cheats,cracks,trainers ... but i don't know why would a trainer be illegal, this is a HUGE topic it need more research)

    The bill is: S.978 (online streaming felony)
  2. streetfighter 2

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    Jul 26, 2010
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