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Next Gen ATI vs. NVidia


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Jan 28, 2012
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AMD either knocks it out of the park (rare) or is just good enough.
Never had a problem with crossfire on my 6870s...
I personally think they are both disappointing
How so? Please explain this, otherwise you're trolling.

Honestly, there is practically no data about upcoming GPUs, so I don't think we can discuss much of anything on the topic without going straight to speculation. I think we should sit tight and see what happens.
Jun 27, 2011
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We have almost nothing to go on but speculation. I would guess AMD and Nvidea would as close as they are in performance as they are this gen.

Personally I won't be upgrading from my 7970 till maybe maxwell/amd equivalent if games actually can use that amount of power by then.
Oct 29, 2012
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from everything I have seen on spec so far I'm pretty sure the AMD 8970 will be around 25% more powerful because it has the same clock just 25% more compute units I wish they actually went 3072 stream processors for 50% more compute power.
nvidia I have no idea. The gk110 would be cool but I think it be too damn expensive because of the amount of cuda cores and either way I hate the boost functionality on nvidia cards
Dec 31, 2009
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If the compute units worked like that you would be right...

(some) AMD cards have boost too. ;)
Dec 2, 2009
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How so? Please explain this, otherwise you're trolling.
I think that the prices of the cards nowadays are way too high from what they give and problems are rising more and more each day with a lot of people with bad cards. I personally have problems with AMD temps and had some weird artifacts with 9500GT from Nvidia.
I know it is chance, but seriously for what you pay, they are totally not worth it.

The prices raise and you get less. This is what I mean dissapointing.
Performance gains are going to low rates and what I see is a dark future, since you can perfectly run a lot of games with the card I have.

Simply put, the more money they make, the darker the future will be with graphics.

This just means, we are already in the dark GPU era.

For that 200mm^2 chip you pay 500$ or even more which is simply awful.
The real price of the cards should be around 120$ from my point of view. (only because of hard-work)

If you see for example a difference between Tegra (nvidia) and mali 400, that is simply stupid, because the whole difference is that support of HDMI, nothing more. So I buy a 70$ tablet which is the same quality (only graphics but still other stuff too) of a 200$ tablet or even more.
This just brakes your heart at how many cunsumers loose money without knowing what they are doing.

Note: I remember thinking of the Ipad as a 80$ real price and it turns out that its real building materials are around that price. So the tablet is really a cheap thing, but it is not only Nvidia or AMD who makes the pricy stuff, but all hardware companies. Here it sells for 1000$, which means that 1000:80 is a big ratio and whoever I see a tablet like that, I will immediately think they are stupid.
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Jan 1, 2008
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I don't foresee myself upgrading substantially before 2014. Granted, something unexpected and amazing could come out of nowhere on the hardware front, but what besides Crysis 3 (which reasonable existing hardware should handle competently anyway) is going to push it?