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norton ghost?


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Sep 9, 2005
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british columbia
System Name Gamer
Processor amd phenom quad core 9950 black edition
Motherboard msi ms-7309
Cooling 120mm front,120mm rear
Memory 2gigs ddr2 800
Video Card(s) BFG gtx 260 maxcore
Storage wd 160gig sata2 hd
Display(s) LG 20in widescreen
Case USP 100
Audio Device(s) onboard Logitech x-530 5.1 spkrs
Power Supply Antec Neo 550watt
Software windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
is there a simalar program that i can use to transfer my operating system to my other hd without having to reinstall.
May 15, 2006
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Someone who's going to find NewTekie1 and teach hi
Processor DualCore AMD Athlon 64x2 4800+ (o/c 2801mhz STABLE (Ketxxx, POGE, Tatty One, ME))
Motherboard ASUS A8N-SLI Premium (PCIe x16, x4, x1)
Cooling PhaseChange Coolermaster CM754/939 (fan/heatsink), Thermalright heatspreaders + fan built on (RAM)
Memory 512mb PC-3200 DDR400 (set DDR-33 for o/c) by Corsair (matched pair, 2x256mb) 200.1/200mhz
Video Card(s) BFG GeForce 7900 GTX OC 512mb GDDR3 ram (o/c manually to 686 core/865 memory) - PhaseChange cooled
Storage Dual "Raptor X" 16mb 10krpm/RAID 0 Promise EX8350 x4 PCIe 128mb & Intel IO chip/CENATEK RocketDrive
Display(s) SONY 19" Trinitron MultiScan 400ps 1600x1200 75hz refresh 32-bit color
Case Antec Super-LanBoy (aluminum baby-tower w/ lower front & upper rear cooling exhaust fans)
Audio Device(s) RealTek AC97 onboard mobo stereo sound (Altec Lansing ACS-45 speakers - 10 yrs. still running!)
Power Supply Antec 500w ATX 2.0 "SmartPower" powersupply
Software Windows Server 2003 SP #1 fully patched, & massively tuned/tweaked to-the-max (plus latest drivers)
newmodder said:
is there a simalar program that i can use to transfer my operating system to my other hd without having to reinstall.
Acronis TrueImage is pretty good!


* I've used both, & in diff. varieties (e.g. -> Ghost 2003 DOS mode mostly vs, Ghost 8 onwards iirc, which is a bought out version from another vendor, DriveImage by PowerQuest iirc & PRIMARILY Windows GUI based in nature)...

* Both work well, but there's a decent alternate I've tried that's pretty good stuff!


P.S.=> I've grown fonder of Acronis products this past year, having used them on the job mid last year, & will vouch for their effectiveness/quality by ALL means (they do the job & work in other words)... apk
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