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NVDisplay.Container.exe still trying to connect to the Internet...


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Feb 25, 2023
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I used NVCleanstall_1.15.1 (and DDU v18.0.6.1) to update my drivers. I have done this before but it had been a while. Now my non-Microsoft software firewall detects NVDisplay.Container.exe trying to connect to the Internet. I thought NVCleanstall prevented that?

Would someone kindly tell me how to stop it?


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It will still connect to the Internet for update the NGX libraries and legacy DLSS. Your firewall is probably the best choice to stop that
Nov 2, 2020
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OneClickFirewall is a really handy tool. I just block bunch of executables i find suspicious.


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Feb 25, 2023
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All you people not trusting the Microsoft firewall? I am shocked! JK, I use a very stripped down Comodo Firewall, but have used others, too.

I think several years ago a lot of people got tired of outbound alerts, and the MS firewall got a better reputation. So the common advice became to just use it. The side effect is that now most people are not concerned/aware that their software collects and sends so much info, etc...