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NVFlash for Windows


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May 20, 2010
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can someone please explain how i can flash my vgabios with that program in laymens terms , i have the .bin file and it is located on C:\update\filename

everytime i go to type something in it just spits out jibberish and i dont want to go messing with the bios blindly.

just need to know the command to execute.


EDIT: reason for needing to update vgs bios is that only part of my screen shows, its full screen but the right hand side of the screen wont display so its not in widescreen, more of a 4:9 format. (ill post a link to a pic of the problem below incase that doesnt make sense) if anyone has any better ideas on resolving the issue id like to here it. its not a windows issue and the screen works just fine.

link: http://xs.to/image-D9EC_4BF54F68.jpg

EDIT 2: just tried a clean install of win xp pro (downgraded from vista) to definatley rule out software failure, however something odd happened when installing the nvidia vga driver for xp (downloaded official drivers direct from acer website for correct operating system). the screen went black mid install and hasnt recovered since,(its been about 20 minutes since).

EDIT 3: i have concluded that the graphics card is toast, what an epic waste of my time that was. close thread.
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