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Nvidia Drivers

Discussion in 'NVIDIA' started by whitwolftwm, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Feb 29, 2008
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    Livermore, CA
    Hey there, a friend of mine has been having issues with his 8500gt(don't scoff at it I know exactly what lvl the card is at) but the issue looks to be almost driver only related.
    See the problem is that when he uses the current driver set listed on www.nvidia.com for Vista Ultimate x64 December 20 2007, his computer plays games just fine but media center will blot out everything and cause graphical anomilies as well as artifacts.
    but if he back tracks to the driver set from september 18 07 then his games will crash randomly, but video on media center will be good as new.

    So he had believed this to be just the card, and there for bought a EVGA 8600GT 256mb non OC'ed, but he has the exact same prob, with both sets of drivers.

    So my big question is, does anyone know or have an idea what could be the root problem here?
    On top of that why is the page for nvidia's drivers still listing at 12/07 drivers?

    other info I can add just in case is his mobo is intel branded 946gzis, 4gb A-data 6400 DDRII, Intel Pentium D 960, and 1.2tb hdd space. The Case is a Custom SFF by myself, and the cooling is more than adequate as the internal temps all around(including Proc temp) remain at an almost constant 39C.

    any help here would be greatly aprreciated


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