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Mar 7, 2007
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Pompano beach, Florida
System Name HAL
Processor Core i7 4770k @ 4.6 ghz.
Motherboard Asus Maximus VII Hero
Cooling H80i Closed loop liquid cooling.
Memory 4x 4 (16) GB Corsair Vengeance ddr3 2133 @ 2200
Video Card(s) GTX 1080 FTW
Storage 256 GB Ocz V4 SSD "Thank you Kreij (Dean)" + 2x 1TB drives.
Display(s) 50" Samsung, UHD, 4k, 60hz.
Case Corsair Carbide MId tower
Audio Device(s) LG system through optical 5.1
Power Supply CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850M
Software Microsoft Windows 10 x64
Benchmark Scores Haven (3720), Cinebench (932)
I just want to say I'm so mad I spent $1,000+ on a GTX 680 SLI setup or a GTX 690 less then 2 weeks ago. Errr i'm so furious.

Oh, wait I didn't :p:roll::toast::nutkick:
I'm pretty sick of people like you coming into threads to rub peoples faces in it. You think people are happy about that? You think a person who spent thousands, is happy when he finds out within a week, he wasted his money? You think anyone wants to hear you say crap like this? Have some class..

Great review like usual Wiz..
670 is a monster for sure..
Feb 26, 2007
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Thank you! That was exactly what I'm trying to say. I think the test to stay cool, should have some HD 7970 and HD7950 in CF.
W1zz was comparing the 670 SLI vs the 690 and 680 SLI to give an idea of the differences. Using this base we realize the 670 though cut down with current testing methods is almost equal to the more expensive offerings.
There are a lot of reviews that compare the 680 SLI to the 7970 Xfire. By seeing how well the 670 SLI did here against the 680 SLI we can see how well it compares to Xfire.
Aug 17, 2009
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Los Angeles/Orange County CA
System Name Vulcan
Processor i6 6600K
Motherboard GIGABYTE Z170X UD3
Cooling Thermaltake Frio Silent 14
Memory 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Video Card(s) ASUS Strix GTX 970
Storage Mushkin Enhanced Reactor 1TB SSD
Display(s) QNIX 27 Inch 1440p
Case Fractal Design Define S
Audio Device(s) On Board
Power Supply Cooler Master V750
Software Win 10 64-bit
You guys are just being mean :p, this guy just asked why HD7970 CFX isn't there. The answer is because. if you want to compere the two just go to the HD7970 CFX review and see the results. Yes, drivers are different but the its still comparable.
He didn't just ask. He said the review was without credibility. So you agree with that?
Jan 12, 2012
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proper microstuttering analysis can only be done using a highspeed camera to analyse what you see. don't trust those frametime analysis.

send me a highspeed cam and you'll get your testing. this is on my purchase list right after the thermal camera
I forgot to thank you for the awesome review and quick reply!

Could you just give a personal opinion about any sort of stuttering? I mean having reviewed so many cards, you must be able to notice it, did games run smooth?

Isn't it time you picked up a proper performance monitor @ 120 hz? :toast:

This site has the best reviews out there, and with stuttering issues addressed for SLI/Xfire, it would put the cherry on the top, and well... I'd never need to go anywhere else for my reviews :)


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May 17, 2012
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I don't understand the 4096go for the sli of 670 , put two cg 2go in sli or cf is not supposed to keep the effective vram capacity to 2go?

I'm actually unable to choose between a 7970 or a 670 :
The 670 is better prize for me but i think 3go of the 7970 will be more usefull in the future. So i wait for the price to drop ...
If putting two 670 in sli make me have 4go of memory , I wont be limited in 3-2 years , this information could make me change my choice , but i need you to conform it.

Soz for my english :rockout:


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Jul 19, 2006
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Processor Intel i7 8700k
Motherboard Gigabyte z370 AORUS Gaming 7
Cooling Water
Memory 16gb G.Skill 4000 MHz DDR4
Video Card(s) Evga GTX 1080
Storage 3 x Samsung Evo 850 500GB, 1 x 250GB, 2 x 2TB HDD
Display(s) Nixeus EDG27
Case Thermaltake X5
Power Supply Corsair HX1000i
Mouse Zowie EC1-B
Software Windows 10
Two cards in SLi or CrossFire are limited to the Vram of a single card. So two 670's in SLi will be limited to 2gb's of Vram.


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May 30, 2012
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Serbia - Novi Sad
What got my attention is Dirt 3 benchmark, which can't be correct. Just got two 670 gtx in sli and on your site you have 2 times more fps on same settings 1080p. One 6970 131fps, one 670gtx 206fps at 1080p?
I did not compare other charts, but this one is not correct for sure. You can check it on any other review site...... just friendly observation...

Hmm also i quote
All video card results were obtained on this exact system with the exact same configuration.
All games were set to their highest quality setting unless indicated otherwise.
AA and AF are applied via in-game settings, not via the driver's control panel.
So they are saying,correct me if i'm wrong, that Batman AC have on highest setting 670 gtx in SLI, 0xAA, and with physx on HIGH average 135 fps? I will benchmark that when i get home but i think that's IMPOSSIBRU!:)
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