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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by W1zzard, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. EarthDog


    Dec 31, 2009
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    Tell us something we dont know, quad SLI/CFx notoriously sucks! Why do you need such a setup anyway 3 2560x1600 panels?

    LOL, wait... I just finished reading your post. You have 2 690's on a single monitor? W.T.F??? What were you thinking?
  2. PatoRodrigues


    Oct 3, 2012
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    Hey Antjel... seriously. Do a favor to the Gods of Hardware, and keep the 690's. Assuming that you can afford such a setup, i believe you could also invest in 3x1080p monitors AT LEAST. And if you play on a single monitor, please tell me that you play on 2560x1440....
  3. Qiplayer New Member

    Feb 22, 2013
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    numbers tell nothing

    Hi! I had 2 gtx 690 and was having better performance in every game (bf3 crysis2 and some other) with 2 gtx680. Meanwhile I upgraded my whole rig because i thought it was else, but it where the cards).

    Can you please TECHPOWERUP, the next time use something more reliable than just fps?

    with 2 690 I was getting 40% more fps than 2 overclocked 680 but general game slow down and speed up, like every 2 seconds it was whith rallenty.

    So fps really don't tell how the game experience will look like.

    You cud do vids, and attach them together for every game. So for one game we cud compare how smooth the different configuration are.
    Or compare fps timing...
  4. erocker

    erocker Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 19, 2006
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    With scaling less than 50% for a 2nd card, I don't think frame timing would be my biggest concern for cards this expensive.
    10 Year Member at TPU
  5. Qiplayer New Member

    Feb 22, 2013
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    if 1 gtx 680 performs like 1
    1+1 gtx 680 perform 1.9
    1+1+1= 2,5
    1+1+1+1= dunno
    gtx 690 performs like 1,7 (counting also you overclock the gtx 680 more than the 690, I was able to run the 680 stable ingame with +95 on clock on stock cooler, while the 690's where crashing at +30)

    690+690 are 0.2+$$$$ (away from your poket)
    generally I think because of drivers, but cud find already somebody that had a not bad performance.

    I talk about running 3x1920*1080 monitors.

    finally there is no reason of having dual cards unless it is for space reasons

    When i play online crysis2 on res 5900x1080 I see everything smooth with 90-110 fps. Before i had 2 now 3 gtx 680.
    If I get less than 70-80fps the game isn't smooth.

    As i have a 60hz monitor, and won't see more than 60 fps, what is it that makes the difference? I beliese when fps are higher also the frame timing is better.

    people said that 2 titans have much better frame timings than 2 680, because of that even if you don't have much fps the game is very smooth.

    Also I read amd cards generally where'n having good frame times, but more fps, so user cudn't understand why with gtx cards they where having a better game experience. So they started to compare also frame times, and there was the difference.

    Anyway I would apreciate more a vid (Check if low fps of youtube isn't hiding important informations)

    thanks for the fast reply :)

    To the owners of gtx 680 I suggest buying a third gtx 680 instead of making other changes. unless they want to spend 2k on cards.
    DONT mix 2gb and 4gb version, it runs only with 310 drivers or older, not compatible with crysis3. Nvidia doesn't support it anymore, now that it would have sense...
    2gb are not the bottleneck with 3 hd screens, on crysis2 and bf3.

    We really need AMD taking out a fast single gpu.
    Last edited: May 6, 2013
  6. klepp0906 New Member

    Oct 26, 2013
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    Yikes - quad SLI doesn't require a E chip. The extra lanes do next to nothing (assuming you have a plx chip). It's been proven time and time again at x8 the cards aren't even saturating the bus.

    Course now I'm nit picking but apparently the writer quit wow awhile back. Considering the "most successful Mmorpg to ever ruin the entire genre, has had about half the quoted subs for a few years now"

    12 mil at it's best of all time subs. 1/4 easily RMT. Now it has a smidgen over 6.

    Damage is already one though. Other mmorpgs trying for the same number of subs assume it's due to how easy they made the game so every faux mmo since is designed as a one game fits all solution which always falls flat on it's face to all but the kids who were mmo first timers due to wow.

    With that said - this isn't about wow it's about quad titans which I run. On a 1150 chipset at that. The only limiting factor is the clockspeed. X79 or x87/97 it makes no difference. It will be bottlenecked by your clockspeed not your pcie lanes.

    The end

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