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NVIDIA Makes a Tesla Personal Supercomputer

Discussion in 'News' started by malware, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. malware New Member

    Nov 7, 2004
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    Today, scientific research is carried out on supercomputing clusters, a shared resource that consumes hundreds of kilowatts of power and costs millions of dollars to build and maintain. As a result, researchers must fight for time on these resources, slowing their work and delaying results. NVIDIA and its worldwide partners today announced the availability of the GPU-based Tesla Personal Supercomputer, which delivers the equivalent computing power of a cluster, at 1/100th of the price and in a form factor of a standard desktop workstation.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    “We’ve all heard ‘desktop supercomputer’ claims in the past, but this time it’s for real,” said Burton Smith, Microsoft Technical Fellow. “NVIDIA and its partners will be delivering outstanding performance and broad applicability to the mainstream marketplace. Heterogeneous computing, where GPUs work in tandem with CPUs, is what makes such a breakthrough possible.”

    Priced like a conventional PC workstation, yet delivering 250 times the processing power, researchers now have the horsepower to perform complex, data-intensive computations right at their desk, processing more data faster and cutting time to discovery.

    “GPUs have evolved to the point where many real world applications are easily implemented on them and run significantly faster than on multi-core systems,” said Prof. Jack Dongarra, director of the Innovative Computing Laboratory at the University of Tennessee and author of LINPACK. “Future computing architectures will be hybrid systems with parallel-core GPUs working in tandem with multi-core CPUs."

    Leading institutions including MIT, the Max Planck Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Cambridge University, and others are already advancing their research using GPU-based personal supercomputers.

    “GPU based systems enable us to run life science codes in minutes rather than the hours it took earlier. This exceptional speedup has the ability to accelerate the discovery of potentially life-saving anti-cancer drugs,” said Jack Collins, manager of scientific computing and program development at the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center in Frederick Md., operated by SAIC-Frederick, Inc.

    At the core of the GPU-based Tesla Personal Supercomputer is the Tesla C1060 GPU Computing Processor which is based on the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture. CUDA enables developers and researchers to harness the massively parallel computational power of Tesla through industry standard C.

    “Dell has led the workstation category for almost a decade and GPU computing represents a massive leap forward in performance that will bring supercomputer power to the masses,” said Antonio Julio, director, Dell Product Group. “The Dell Precision R5400 and T7400 will allow the scientific community to harness the capabilities of the NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPU with up to two teraflops of computational power.”

    As well as Dell, GPU-based Tesla Personal Supercomputers are available today from the following leading HPC OEMs, Systems Builders and Resellers: AMAX (US), Armari (UK), Asus (WW), Azken Muga (ES), Boxx (US), CAD2 (UK), CADnetwork (DE), Carri (FR), Colfax (US), Comptronic (DE), Concordia (IT), Connoisseur (IN), Dell (WW), Dospara (JP), E-Quattro (IT), JRTI (US), Lenovo (WW), Littlebit (CH), Meijin (RU), Microway (US), Sprinx (CZ), Sysgen (DE), Transtec (DE),Tycrid (US), Unitcom (JP), Ustar (UKR),Viglen (UK), Western Scientific (US)

    To learn more about the industry-changing applications benefitting from NVIDIA GPU Computing technology, visit http://www.nvidia.com/cuda and for more information on the GPU-based NVIDIA Tesla Personal Supercomputer, please visit http://www.nvidia.com/personal_supercomputing.

    Source: NVIDIA
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  2. newtekie1

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    Nov 22, 2005
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    So it is a computer with a rebadged GTX280 in it that they are charging out the nose for because it comes with a few pieces of specialized software to make use of CUDA.

    And I'm almost positive that I read somewhere that the 9800GX2 outperformed the GTX280 in applications like this, though I think the 9800GX2 consumed more power. So in terms of performance per watt, the GTX280 was better, and power consumption actually is a concern for many in this market.
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  3. niko084


    Dec 5, 2006
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    Power consumption means jack to most people in this market, but if you can claim 20% less, they may jump for it.

    I really wish ATI would get on the wagon and get something alike going here..

    I have personally been yelling for years for software like Cuda to come out.
  4. magibeg


    May 9, 2006
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    ATI has come out with their own acceleration software now. It'll be some time before we see it practically used though I'd think.
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  5. WarEagleAU

    WarEagleAU Bird of Prey

    Jul 9, 2006
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    Gurley, AL
    Whats the price of the personal super computer here, I didnt see one stated. I dont know if AMD is gonna do what Nvidia is doing though. They have GPGPU with their software so Im not sure how that pans out.
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  6. Castiel


    May 5, 2008
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    Well I think that this is just ok, but I am thinking about getting a Tesla myself...Just as a extra processing unit inside my pc. Supposedly if you get about 3 Tesla's inside your PC it be quite as fast some of the top 10 servers in the world, except the Jaguar.
  7. FordGT90Concept

    FordGT90Concept "I go fast!1!11!1!"

    Oct 13, 2008
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    IA, USA
    I think I have to agree on this one. It sounds like a whole lot of marketing BS.

    Tesla C1060: 936 GFlOps
    Peak of #10 on the top 500 list (11/2008): 233472 GFlOps

    You'd need 250 GTX280-based Tesla processors to match match #10. I think it would be hard to fit 250 cards in a computer and still call it "personal." Hmm, they must have a pretty broad definition of "personal!" :roll:
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  8. rizla1

    Oct 23, 2008
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    screw the tesla get a 280 gtx for a quater the price and download cuda, done. happy days, sure even my recenly deceased 8800 gts g80 could do cuda.

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