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nvidia Quadro fx 1500


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Dec 27, 2011
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problem with gpu-z.

to start my GPU core clock is 325 mhz-and-

625 mhz memory clock of May here is my problem is after I run GPU-Z until the

okay all the software GPU-Z shows much the same m

indication of who is in 325MHz GPU core clock and 625MHz memory clock in after

button to option (min) (MAX) and (AVG) on the software GPU-Z does the latter shows more m

the original value of my graphics card's GPU core clock of 325MHz

against a 625MHz memory clock in it soon m indicates 324mhz core clock and in

627mhz memory clock as extends the value of home while my graphics card is

well set on the value of its origin 325 ... and 625 MHz ...