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NVIDIA Teams Up With Warner Bros. on Batman: Arkham Origins

Discussion in 'News' started by Cristian_25H, Aug 30, 2013.

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    TressFX works fine.

    What people do not understand, is that it is a compute based physics feature. Basically meaning you need a GPU good at compute, which is what GCN architecture is very good at. 5870s, were junk with compute, and Nvidia Kepler, is the same way unless you have a Titan, or a Quadro/Tesla card.

    Kepler has had its double precision part of the GPU completely stripped from it for the GeForce series, which is why performance with TressFX isnt that great on Nvidia cards, or other cards that are weak in compute (5870s).

    I played and beat Tomb Raider with a gtx680, and once Nvidia was able to get drivers released that worked well with the final game code, the game ran like butter. I was getting 50-60 FPS constant maxed (it would drop below that, but not long enough for me to notice. And my eyes are pretty tuned to dropping frame rate too). I get even more now with the 780. Geforce cards handle TressFX through pretty much brute force, since their compute performance is lack luster.
    Roph says thanks.
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    By pointing out features that are obviously only for the PC edition ? Why, how strange and unexpected that a company with vested interest in PC gaming, and whose added features aren't compatible with the pre-G80 architecture of consoles concentrate on the PC market.
    Let me ask you...who is responsible for making sure the PhysX driver and the AMD driver+ Catalyst work together ?

    AMD wouldn't let Nvidia within a hundred miles of their driver code, and I sincerely doubt that AMD would have the time, inclination, or track record to ensure that third-party feature software from a direct competitor runs as advertised, and continues to do so as drivers and architectures change.
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    Are you saying that proprietary stuff is more important then game content? Imagine GTA V multiplayer is PS3 exclusive. :rolleyes:

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