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Oculus VR Announces the $199 Oculus Go VR HMD


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In addition to slashing the price of Oculus Rift HMD Set down to USD $399, Oculus VR announced a new standalone VR headset for the masses, the Oculus Go, which at USD $199, is significantly cheaper than the Oculus Rift, while not being that much costlier than the $129 Samsung Gear VR. Oculus Go lacks the fully-tracked motion sensors or inside-out tracking of the Oculus Rift, which helps keep its price down. It retains the essentials, including a 2560 x 1440 pixels display resolution, new lenses, and 3D spatial audio built into the headset. Oculus VR plans to put Go in the hands of developers by November 2017, with mass-production expected to begin shortly after, and retail availability some time in 2018.

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I wonder how it will mature and how it will be adopted

VR is moving pretty slow
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So, it only took several years for Oculus to understand that masses need affordable HMD.
Some time ago I've even described what this headset should be composed of...
But I'm afraid it's kind of too late already.
Sep 7, 2017
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I wonder how it will mature and how it will be adopted

VR is moving pretty slow
It's an interesting case of how good tactile/traditional interfaces are.... despite being technically inferior. Same goes for motion in general.

People who want to move "forward" are misguided. And never actually asked what customers in general want (and it isn't just lower prices). Same goes for the dorks who push self-driving cars.
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I actually think this is a good idea implemented poorly. Normally I wouldn't say that without at least testing Oculus Go but IMO a mobile HMD should have a video pass-through that allows for PC GPU / CPU functionality as well as untethered independent mobile use. Inside-out tracking would be built in and the more traditional Oculus tracking would be an added accessory.

Oculus Go is probably OK for what it is but it could have been more. It could have been better (ie more flexible) while still providing a ~$200 entry point.