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OCZ Mini-Flower do not stick



I bought some OCZ Mini-Flower heat sinks awhile ago for my X800 rams, but the ramsinks on the processor side (which would make the ramsinks work against gravity) keep falling off. Anyone have a good solution to hold them in place? Or am I stuck with getting new OCZ BGA copper ramsinks?

Thanks in advance. :)



You can buy some more thermal tape at just about any computer parts outlet (also known as frag tape), or get Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive as long as you don't think you'll ever want the sinks off...cuz it's pretty damned permanent.

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In those cases I use a little bit of super glue in the corners of the chip to hold the heatsink, but just a little bit, I apply it using a sharp pencil.
Dunno if that may be wrong, but I have never had problems with super glue.