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OCZ Technology to Revolutionize CES 2008

Discussion in 'News' started by malware, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. malware New Member

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    OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, computer components, and systems, today unveiled a number of ground-breaking, next generation products at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. With last year's acquisition of Hypersonic PC and PC Power & Cooling, two cutting edge providers of high-end computing products, OCZ will have a wealth of new solutions covering the entire span of the enthusiast industry, from high performance hardware to complete desktop and laptop systems.

    "Over the last year OCZ has diversified our offering with the acquisition of two leading edge brands, PC Power & Cooling and Hypersonic PC," commented Ryan Petersen, CEO, OCZ Technology Group. "This CES show OCZ will unveil a wealth of products ranging from revolutionary liquid cooled memory to next generation notebooks offering the optimal blend of portability and performance, all in our effort to deliver superior total solutions to our gaming and enthusiast consumers."

    OCZ Technology
    As the leader in high performance memory, OCZ is showcasing ultra-high speed DDR3 solutions designed for the extreme enthusiast. The latest Flex archetype, "Flex2," offers superior cooling with dedicated liquid channels over the chips themselves enabling advanced overclocking and stability for the highest performing parts. As a complementary liquid cooling solution OCZ further expands into water cooling accessories with the introduction the HydroFlow CPU waterblock unit to cool the most powerful processors. The HydroFlow was designed with the highest possible exchange rate between the block and the coolant with the unique triangular fin design, and is the preeminent way to efficient cooling for overclocked CPUs.

    In 2008, OCZ intends to make mobile storage more accessible than ever with the speedy Rally2 and ultra-durable ATV flash drives now available in incredible 32GB capacities. Additionally, OCZ is introducing the all-new Rally2 Turbo, an even faster version of the highly awarded Rally2. With a never-ending quest to revolutionize new markets, OCZ will also introduce its new high-capacity SATA and SATAII Solid State Drives offering consumers a faster, more reliable and power efficient alternative to standard hard disc drives for laptops.

    OCZ is showcasing an updated edition of the NIA (Neural Impulse Actuator), an innovative input device that takes the next step towards a full integration of central and peripheral nerve activity into controlling personal computers. The Neural Impulse Actuator will be shown in gaming demos, and now features USB interface and enhanced user software.

    PC Power & Cooling
    The legendary Silencer Quad 750 will be showcased in a new blue version to add extra style to gaming systems, along with the original red and black models. Also new in the lineup is the Silencer 500W EPS for mainstream enthusiast systems. The recently released Turbo-Cool 860W will be accessible for enthusiasts to experience the convenience of its adjustable rail design. A Hypersonic desktop system will be demoed featuring new Turbo-Cool 1200, featuring the revolutionary Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) providing a real first-look at this innovation.

    Hypersonic PC
    OCZ Group announces a new gaming laptop series, Aero by Hypersonic. The ultra-thin and feature-rich Aero AR5 15.4" and AR7 17" notebooks are designed for performance and ultimate portability.

    Adding to the excitement of CES, Hypersonic will be showcasing new Intel mobile and desktop processor technology. Partnering with Intel to maximize mobility, Hypersonic will be one of the few exhibiting the new Santa Rosa Refresh mobile platform featuring 45nm Hi-k Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processor for Centrino. You can find these notebooks at the Intel booth in Central Hall #7153 and at the OCZ exhibition suite.

    With a diversified offering of innovative products from OCZ, PC Power & Cooling, and Hypersonic PC, the OCZ Technology Group aims make its mark on this year's CES and set the pace for a year in true innovation.

    Source: OCZ Technology
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  2. RickyG512 New Member

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    Croydon, England
    for fcuk sake when are they gonna release their phase change or wat eva its called cooler, its bin years now they bin saying it, i remeber a few months ago there was news here that its in production and the news had pictures of loads of boxes, i want sub zero cooling at low cost, if it so cheap ill buy too, i beleive in low cost = more sales
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  3. FreedomEclipse

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    I think it was released (over here in the UK) so was a lot of other phase change units, the only problem was they were hard to find & when u did manage to find 1 the price cost a lung & some kidneys.

    the only people ive heard use phase change are either site/magaziene reviewers or a few Americans with very very deep pockets....

    otherwise not a very popular method of cooling but pretty extreme. i think i read somewhere where some people were experimenting with much smaller sized phase change units since the original was so bulky - meh it still vanished anyhoo
  4. HousERaT New Member

    Apr 8, 2005
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    The Cryo-Z has yet to be released. I hope there is more news at CES.
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