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Old Cards to Voltmod

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by hippoking, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. hippoking New Member

    Jun 27, 2005
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    me and a couple of my friends are really bored atm, and want to hardmod a graphics card

    however, we've never done hardmods before and we ent too pleased about the idea of frying a card worth £50-150, so we kinda want to try on an old card first

    can anyone here give suggestions on cards we can voltmod? We're looking at voltmodding cards like the Geforce 2 and Radeon 9000; cards in that price range (that we can pick up second hand)

    we have found a good source of cards like this for £5-20 that would be possible, but don't know which to buy and possibly destroy

    please can some1 post suggestions about which cards, and how to do them?
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  2. Hellraiser1981

    Apr 15, 2005
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    Green Bay, WI
    There are several voltmod guides on this forum and in the articles section.
    You do not neccesarily need a guide to perform voltmods. If you know a little about electronics and can locate the PWM controller ICs, then you can get the datasheet from the manufacturer. A voltmod is nothing more than a variable resistor that "tricks" the PWM feedback circuit and raises the duty cycle of the regulator MOSFETS. You do this by changing the to-ground resistance of the inverting feedback pin of said IC(FB-,or IN-). I have never used a guide to voltmod, I always use the datasheet method with the actual component part number, because of possible revision and component changes on the same model card. (nonstandard component+standard guide=smoke)
    Get a radeon 9200 or Geforce MX440 or something of that calibre, just about any card will do. Older cards supply 3.3v to the memory directly from the AGP slot, (GF2,R7000) and the memory voltage cannot be raised without modding the power supply +3.3 rail.
    There are two methods of voltmodding
    1. The pencil mod : Drawing lines on components to lower the resistance with graphite. Reversible, but unreliable, also stray graphite chunks and dust can wreak havoc on closely-spaced pins. (not recommended, but very simple.)

    2. The VR mod : Using a multi-turn variable resistor to adjust component values to obtain a desired output voltage. Precise, reliable, adjustable, switchable, and easy to remove if you have good soldering skils. (highly recommended but more difficult)

    ATI cards are somewhat easier to hardmod because of the straightforward component layout. Most nVidia cards can be voltmodded to some extent with a hacked bios. On NV cards, the bios changes the VID# that sets the duty cycle of the PWM IC. I wouldn't recommend voltmodding on an XGI or S3 card because of nonstandard components and design.
    In other words, PM or email me if you need help.

    EDIT: you can pick up bundles of old vid cards, used, from ebay for very cheap. You can get the VRs (20K multiturn trimmers) from allelectronics.com for (US)1$ each, shipping is a flat $6, so order alot. (I always get the 3/4" rectangular variable resistors, they are 20turn and a nice shade of blue.)
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