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Omerta - City of Gangsters


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This game just came out and I've been playing it almost nonstop. It is really fun.

It has two game modes, a basic city sim where you build speakeasies breweries and things like that to generate cash, as well as send your gang memebers to go on missions sell/buy illegal items(Beer, Liquor, Guns), or bribe local police, or "buyout" competing business.

Then there is the other game mode that is a turn based strategy, where you gangsters are all on a map with enemies and you have to complete different tasks/kill all the enemies. Think Xcom, but with gangsters.

Anyway, the game is really fun and I just thought I'd share for anyone interested.

It is currently $39.99 on Steam and GoG.com. Which is more than far for a game that was just released. I got the GoG version so it would be DRM free(another bonus).


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Oct 13, 2008
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FYI, the city aspects orginated in Tropico 3/4 and the turn-based strategy orginated in Jagged Alliance: Back in Action/Crossfire. If you like those aspects of it, look up those games.
Aug 7, 2009
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It was made by the creators of Tropico 4, I even recognize the voice actors :)

Been playing it for a bit but after a while the city level feels shallow and the combat level arbitrary. It's very uninteresting when you can take a completely wrong approach to a city but just "wait it out" to get cash as the breweries/distilleries will generate beer/liquor forever without any raw materials

The characters have an RPG element to them in form of stats that govern how effective they are in various situations, which is nice, but stat increases are very far between.

I don't even want to go over the movement and cover system