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On maintenance,tunin, spyware, etc on SSDs


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Jan 5, 2010
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Hi, after a lot of time,and the decease of my SSD, I want to...ask,pounder,etc somethings.
About the cleaning and maintenance of the drive,How to manage it the best way? I mean,we know of the degradation of the blocks after each rewrite, So what happens when you do cleaning? This is specially important if (as most of us do) the drive is in charge of the OS. Whats the true impact of many important things that get done such as, adware/spyware removal, registry cleaning, temp files cleaning, antivirus, etc?????
Dont know if Im paranoid, but I pretty much do a fast ad-aware scan daily, to get rid of unwanted crap, but, having aSSD as the main drive Whats the penalty of doing such "sanitization" in such a regular basis? How big? And how to minimize the adverse effects as much as possible? Most tuning software wasn’t really designed to deal with SSDs, TUNE-UP UTILJTIES still isn’t as far as i can tell, nor others ,only exception Im aware is iolo's SYSTEM MECHANIC PRO, though I got no idea of how well it works, So, What’s a good option for "tuning up" the drive? Sorry if this questions sound ignorant, but while poundering if I should get a new SSD all this questions bothered me. How can I be confident on preventing an early degradation on the drive with such elemental actions? How can I scan for spyware, tune up my PC, get rid of temporary files, update apps and other things without having constantly at the back of my mind the concern of degrading steadily my SSD?
It’s late here so apologies if something is not well written, hope the essence of the message/question stands.
I would really like to know what do you guys think.
Your replies will be quite welcome.