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[FS/FT] One day only event....Crazy Trade

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Oct 6, 2009
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Midwest USA
System Name My Gaming System
Processor Intel i7 4770k @ 4.4 Ghz
Motherboard Asus Maximus VI Impact (ITX)
Cooling Custom Full System Water cooling Loop
Memory G.Skill 1866 Mhz Sniper 8 Gb
Video Card(s) EVGA GTX 780 ti SC
Storage Samsung SSD EVO 120GB - Samsung SSD EVO 500GB
Display(s) ASUS W246H - 24" - widescreen TFT active matrix LCD
Case Bitfenix Prodigy
Power Supply Corsair AX760 Modular PSU
Software Windows 8.1 Home Primeum
I am only doing this for one day. Because one of my cards are almost up on the 30 day return policy and if this deal doesn't go through.... I plan to return it for a reference card and overclock the hell out of these two cards.

But on to the deal......

I am looking to Trade my 2x5850's for 2xGTX465's straight up. These cards are in great condition and have never been abused.

If I can't do that I am willing to sell these cards as a pair only and for $560 bucks shipped. I can not go any less because this is what it will cost me to get the replacement GTX 465's.

Q:Why would I trade for lesser cards?

A: Well because I a starting to get into folding a little and we all know Nvidia is better at that. Also I traded with ebolamonkey (A well known trader and buyer at TPU) For the second 5850. I figure.... hardware goes down in price over the length of owning it....so I might as well go for something in the depreciation value.

Q:Is there anything wrong with these two cards?

A: No there is not. Actually the sapphire 5850 is less then a month old. But I will mention for some reason the HIS 5850 wants to be the main card in a Crossfire config. I have tested them both individually and there is nothing wrong with them. The reason for the HIS 5850 being the main card.... has got to be because of ATI drivers.

Q: What type of cards are they?

A: 1 is a HIS 5850 (Reference Card)
2 is a Sapphire 5850 (Non Reference card)

Q: Would you be willing to help with an RMA.

A: Yes for the Sapphire card I would. But the other card was Traded to me by EbolaMonkey A well known trader and seller here. He has told me that he would assist with an RMA if needed. You could contact him and I am sure that you could work something out.

Q: Would you be willing to trade for anything else?

A: Yes I would..... I would be willing to trade for a couple of GTX470's. I do have some other items I would be willing to add on to the trade then to make things even.

Q: Where will you ship and do deals.

A: I would be willing to do business anywhere in the CONUS only. Each person responsible for their own shipping. Unless your buying the cards.

Q: Do you have Heatware and Do you require heatware?

A: Yes I do require Heatware. I also do have a Heatware account. I am just starting out with it so I don't have many reviews. But they are all positive. I am sure everyone on there (Because they are all here) Would vouch for me.

Q: Would you be willing to trade me one 5850 for one GTX 465?

A: No. Unless you can find one other person to go into the deal with you and they have a GTX 465 for trade also.

With that all said ... I apologize if these rules seems strict. I also apologize for the time length of the deal. But if anyone here is interested please feel free to PM me. Also don't hesitate to ask any questions you like. I also want to add first come first server.

If you ask me this is a great deal. You would be getting better performing cards for the money you have already spent.

But I also understand.... that the GTX 465's have just released a few days ago. SO I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't many of you out there with these cards.

But if you have them and you want a good and virtually free upgrade. Please contact me.

Now I promise you guys this though.....If you want to do this don't hesitate. Because it will only be up for one day. Also it really doesn't bother me keeping more powerful cards.
Now here are some pics/Links/ and my Heatware is in my Signature.



Cheers guys :toast:


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