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[FS/FT] One day only event....Crazy Trade

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Giveaway Forum' started by 20mmrain, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. 20mmrain


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    I am only doing this for one day. Because one of my cards are almost up on the 30 day return policy and if this deal doesn't go through.... I plan to return it for a reference card and overclock the hell out of these two cards.

    But on to the deal......

    I am looking to Trade my 2x5850's for 2xGTX465's straight up. These cards are in great condition and have never been abused.

    If I can't do that I am willing to sell these cards as a pair only and for $560 bucks shipped. I can not go any less because this is what it will cost me to get the replacement GTX 465's.

    Q:Why would I trade for lesser cards?

    A: Well because I a starting to get into folding a little and we all know Nvidia is better at that. Also I traded with ebolamonkey (A well known trader and buyer at TPU) For the second 5850. I figure.... hardware goes down in price over the length of owning it....so I might as well go for something in the depreciation value.

    Q:Is there anything wrong with these two cards?

    A: No there is not. Actually the sapphire 5850 is less then a month old. But I will mention for some reason the HIS 5850 wants to be the main card in a Crossfire config. I have tested them both individually and there is nothing wrong with them. The reason for the HIS 5850 being the main card.... has got to be because of ATI drivers.

    Q: What type of cards are they?

    A: 1 is a HIS 5850 (Reference Card)
    2 is a Sapphire 5850 (Non Reference card)

    Q: Would you be willing to help with an RMA.

    A: Yes for the Sapphire card I would. But the other card was Traded to me by EbolaMonkey A well known trader and seller here. He has told me that he would assist with an RMA if needed. You could contact him and I am sure that you could work something out.

    Q: Would you be willing to trade for anything else?

    A: Yes I would..... I would be willing to trade for a couple of GTX470's. I do have some other items I would be willing to add on to the trade then to make things even.

    Q: Where will you ship and do deals.

    A: I would be willing to do business anywhere in the CONUS only. Each person responsible for their own shipping. Unless your buying the cards.

    Q: Do you have Heatware and Do you require heatware?

    A: Yes I do require Heatware. I also do have a Heatware account. I am just starting out with it so I don't have many reviews. But they are all positive. I am sure everyone on there (Because they are all here) Would vouch for me.

    Q: Would you be willing to trade me one 5850 for one GTX 465?

    A: No. Unless you can find one other person to go into the deal with you and they have a GTX 465 for trade also.

    With that all said ... I apologize if these rules seems strict. I also apologize for the time length of the deal. But if anyone here is interested please feel free to PM me. Also don't hesitate to ask any questions you like. I also want to add first come first server.

    If you ask me this is a great deal. You would be getting better performing cards for the money you have already spent.

    But I also understand.... that the GTX 465's have just released a few days ago. SO I wouldn't be surprised if there aren't many of you out there with these cards.

    But if you have them and you want a good and virtually free upgrade. Please contact me.

    Now here are some pics/Links/ and my Heatware is in my Signature.





    Cheers guys :toast:

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