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Opera 10 in development.

Discussion in 'News' started by zekrahminator, Jul 30, 2006.

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    Opera Software is currently developing version 10 of its very easy to use browser. Opera 9 was released on June 20th in an attempt to lure people away from Internet Explorer 7. The company expects Opera 10 to work across any platform, such as PC, Mac, Cell Phone, and soon, game consoles. Opera Software is also working on "widgets", or web programs that run outside the browser. Opera is aiming to eventually create an application that does not need a full desktop operating system to run. Thomas Ford, public relations manager for Opera software, says "We want to enable Opera 10 to work on any device--mobile, desktop, games consoles. We want to find ways to tie things in much better. That's something we do that Microsoft fundamentally can't." There were 700,000 downloads of Opera 9 on the first day of release, and there have been 25 million downloads since June.

    Source: Cnet
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    That's good news!

    Opera (now free too, bonus) is already the FASTEST browser there is, & has been for quite some time!

    Good Equation: Smallest download, smallest code in memory -> largest performance!

    For evidence of that, check these 2 often widely referenced tests (multi-OS platform tests too):




    Opera also fully passed the "ACID2" test & the others have not!

    Opera started things like tabbed browsing & other features that FireFox/Mozilla & IE just copied later... or, just don't have!

    Such as:

    • Content blocking
    • BitTorrent support, Widgets
    • Search engine editor
    • Site preferences
    • New installer. One package—30 languages
    • Integrated source viewer
    • opera:config for advanced settings configuration
    • Tab use best: Thumbnails when you hover the cursor over a tab.
    • Integrated email
    • Integrated IRC
    * Opera is also the one w/ the least bugs &/or security holes found, typically year-in & year-out... AND, is fully "extensible" (like FireFox/Mozilla are via their addons) via "widgets" as well!


    P.S.=> It has site by site blocking, OR cascading user style sheets (you can use these BOTH for adbanner blocking for instance) as well...

    By hand? Well, I do it, & you can really "extend" it for security, to-the-max, @ a browser level ontop of what you may do @ a router/hardware level, NIC settings levels, The OS' IP stack levels via registry hacks/tunes & also Software Firewalls in software &/or HOSTS files usage (from my ramdrive for speed of access)...

    BUT, even more, such as Java on/off, JavaScript on/off, Cookies on a site-per-site basis - you name it! Easily GUI configurable!

    (and if you want to get "radical" even MORE on an Opera .ini file level for more speed + security as well...)... apk
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