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Overclock: Real world gains / PHOTOSHOP / Take 1

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by s1rrah, May 12, 2007.

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    Oct 21, 2006
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    Photoshop Batch Processing

    Utilizing a Photoshop, 'Action' script, I ran a batch operation on every .JPG file which I have ever posted to any forum; this is an easy test to isolate as every such file resides in a specific folder on my hard drive; here's the actions which will be performed on each file.

    Render Test: Batch convert 192 .JPEG files
    Batch Actions: Convert to 300dpi, run two seperate filters, save and close


    The above image explained:

    1. Batch process 192 existing .JPG files
    2. Convert to 300dpi (regardless of original DPI; most are sub 300)
    3. Run Filter: Chalk and Charcoal
    4. Run Filter: Gaussian Blur w/ radius of 14 px
    5. Save and Close

    Stock Speed Results

    E6400 @ Stock:
    Batch Time: 12min:18sec
    Load Temp: 34C
    (ambient = 27C)

    Overclocked Results

    E6400 @ 3.5ghz Overclock:
    Batch Time: 8mins
    Load Temp: 46C
    (ambient = 27C)


    (click the above linked headers for CPU-Z screens)

    Over a four minute gain when batch processing 192 .JPG's!!

    And I can tell you for sure, while waiting for those tests to complete, just *watching* the progress bars ... 4+ minutes makes a HUGE difference.



    (my professional friends who use $5000.00 Dells are really starting to feel like 1Nf1D3LLs!)


    ALSO: If you have photoshop and want to run this same benchmark on your own system, I've put a .zip file up for download including everything necessary to replicate it, even the exact same batch of 192 .JPEG files.

    Other users at overclock.net wanted to test their machines and so made a quick .zip file of the necessary files.

    Here's a link: S1rrah's Photoshop Batch Benchie (15meg or so)

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