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Overclocking 1055t

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by pantherx12, Dec 31, 2010.

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    Hello there, it's been a long old time since I've had a proper overclock using an AMD platform.

    I'm just wondering what is it I need to do to get to 4ghz?

    I'm at my max stable overclock with no voltage adjustment right now (260fsb)

    Now I'm wondering after this point I get ickle random crashes ( or a freaze when loading my startup programs)

    Is it the FSB that needs more volts? ( amd 770 chipset me thinks) 1.5v seems to be it's default setting, though I could be remembering it wrong, someone more familier with AMD can help me there.

    Or the CPU? and how can I tell? :laugh:

    Should I just overclock how I did with intel and just up NB AND CPU voltage everytime I become unstable? ( seems rather hack n slash to me)

    Things to know! I have a BUDGET board, it cost me £40 for a crossfire board :laugh:
    I've changed the NB heatsink to a swiftech forged copper pin heatsink.

    The CPU only has a 4phase VRM area ( 3 mosfets per choke, 4 chokes obviously) stock had these running bare they now have smaller copper ramsinks on them ( 22 x 8 x 5mm just about covering all 3 mosfets) although I'm not sure how much heat these sinks can take, aswell as how much voltage I can run safely through the VRMS.

    So with this in mind, what's the plan! :laugh:

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