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Overclocking of the Graphic Card


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Dec 14, 2005
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:D Sorry, i am a noob here.
And ,i would like to ask a question if a graphic card is being overclock by atitool without voltmod ,will it's life span become shorter?what i mean is whatever GC that has been overclocked will it spoil faster than the normal one?
And,if a secondhand GC i am going to buy,but it has been use for half year and been overclocked,if i buy it and i not gonna overclock it anymore,will it's life span as long as the normal one which havent been overclock,or it's life span will be shorten down coz it is been overclocked before?
Anyone can answer me?

sorry for my noobness:respect:
Nov 5, 2005
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In a sense you could say it's life span has gone down, but the more it's used obviously the live span reduces too. Overclocking can reduce the life span of anything, though it really depends on how good you cooling is too.

If you have a top notch cooling system on your graphics card or any other component and overclock them, to a certain extent their life span can be the same as standard if you get what I mean, though pushing it too far can shorten the life span.

All in all, it depends on how well you treat you system and how you use it, something at stock clocks, maintained OK, without a good cleaning has it's life shortened by the fact that a dust collection can cause an overheat, therefore reducing the life span because it is stressing out the card. As for a stock card, with decent or top notch cooling and overclocked, with a good maintenance and good cleaning now and again can keep a life span longer.

I hope you get what I mean mate... Hehe, all in all, treat your equipment well and it's life span should be good ;)



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Apr 12, 2005
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The way to generally determine the lifespan of a card is paying attention to the temperature. My old x800 Pro idled at 39º or so and load was around 58º with the stock cooler at stock speeds. With a Zalman cooler on it and clocked to 540/540 flashed to 16pp it ran about 28º idle and 46º load. So I was in fact running a higher clock speed while having a longer life span than the card would have stock.
Jul 18, 2005
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my view on the subject matter at hand is that if you're going to overclock *anything*, be it CPU, graphics card or RAM, its definantly worth it to invest in a superior cooling solution.
first of all it *will* definantly extent the lifespan of whatever it is you're overclocking, and will probably result in a better overlcock than without the better cooling.

So I was in fact running a higher clock speed while having a longer life span than the card would have stock.


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Jan 7, 2006
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what zalman cooler did u use i'm after a new cooler and it sounds like a good one