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P8Z77-V PREMIUM Sata Issues

Feb 5, 2013
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Hey there,

Got this mobo atm, running on raid 0, using 2 Samsung 256gb pro ssd.

Had some minor issues with the bios files, since i have been told that the 2 last bios are buggy, so i decided to install the 16xx version.

I have finally finished to installed w7 atm, but this damn issues keeps coming..:banghead:

Everytime i want to move any file from any of my current drives connected from the Marvell sata ports, starts copying and then STOPS and never finishes at all.

This is the 3rd time i have installed w7 64bits on this mobo, using the latest drivers and also the drivers that came with the mobo, and yet the problems continues.

I dont know what else to do, im getting frustrated because i like this mobo but im thinking of return it and get another one or perhaps another brand.

Has anyone heard from this issue??? It seems that im not the only one, because it does show on the asus website that it takes forever to copy files.

"The SATA ports on my motherboard behave quite strange lately. SATA devices connected to it may show one or more of the following symptoms from time to time:

- SATA devices not detected at POST stage or inside CMOS setup screen.

- SATA HDD cannot complete the installation of operating system after enabling AHCI or RAID function.

- Computer takes forever to install operating system or copying files.

- Operating system may hang while large disk access operations are under progress.


Thanks for any help!

Btw, everytime i start a w7 clean installation, i try to copy files from different drives, no problems, the issues may arrise when i start installing the drivers.

I know it's my drivers causing the issue, they were working before and the sata cables are brand new as well.
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Sep 25, 2012
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Jacksonhole Florida
Processor i7-4790K@4.6 GHz
Motherboard Asus Z97-Deluxe
Cooling Corsair H110 (2 x 140mm)(3 x 140mm case fans)
Memory 16GB Adata XPG V2 2400MHz
Video Card(s) EVGA 780 Ti Classified
Storage Intel 750 Series 400GB (AIC), Plextor M6e 256GB (M.2), 13 TB storage
Display(s) Crossover 27QW (27"@ 2560x1440)
Case Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow
Audio Device(s) Realtek ALC1150
Power Supply Cooler Master V1000
Mouse Ttsports Talon Blu
Keyboard Logitech G510
Software Windows 10 Pro x64 version 1709
Benchmark Scores Passmark CPU score = 13080
Marvell SATA controllers are notorious for poor performance, not recognizing drives, and RAID issues. Apparently their drivers suck and won't play nice with others. You'd think that Asus would find a better solution, given that it's their top Z77 board and way overpriced as well. My Asus P8Z77-V board has Asmedia SATA & USB 3.0 controllers, which are no better really but seem to have fewer problems (but the Asmedia USB ports will disconnect if you even breathe hard on the cables). I know my board only cost $190, but I expected better from Asus. I finally bought a $30 USB 3.0 add-on card so my external drives would stay connected (thankfully it's just as fast as the Intel ports). As for the SATA ports, I haven't needed more than 6 drives (yet), so I never tried the 6 GB/s Asmedia ports, and have them disabled in BIOS.